Be With Your Mind

There is a Sufi wisdom story of a man who lost his key. As he is searching for it, at night, a friend walks by, notices him on the ground under a street light looking for something, and asks him, ‘what are you doing?’

‘I’ve lost my key, and I am looking for it,’ the man replies.

The friend asks, ‘Where did you lose it?’

‘Over there in the dark,’ answers the man, pointing with his finger toward the dark.

‘Then why are you looking for it here?’ the friend inquires, puzzled.

‘Because this is where the light is!’


Sit. Close your eyes. Be with your mind. Listen to it. Just that.

Don’t meditate. Meditation gets in the way. In fact, any word labeling an action will only interfere with the process.

Wait, it’s not a process. It’s a voyage. A voyage on the ship of being. A voyage into the realm of being that is hidden from any action or even of any knowledge of being. A voyage into the dark, sightless world of your Self, into that which you have not known, not seen, not been consciously.

The dark offers greater insight than the light.

Observe your mind, your thoughts, as you read this last statement – the dark offers greater insight than the light.

What do you observe?


What does your mind speak? What does it say? What does it mean? Where do your thoughts come from? Can you shut off your thoughts? Should you? Can you retrain your mind?

What is on the other side of your veil of thoughts? What lies beyond your thoughts? If you had no thoughts, what would you have? What would you be? Who would you be? Who could you become?

What do you believe? What are your beliefs? What are your gods? Who is your god? What do you worship, revere? What is sacred to you? Is it sacred?

What is your reward for thinking and believing as you do? What is the consequence of not thinking or believing as you do? Who told you what the reward is? Who told you what the punishment would be? Where did you learn it? Where did you read it? Have you experienced it? Did your god tell you? Or did someone or something other than your god tell you?

What is true? What is a lie? What is reality?

Who is writing these words? Who is reading these words? Is it me? Is it you?

Have you considered that everything you’ve ever learned is a lie? Have you ever considered that life, your life, is empty and meaningless?

If not, then consider it. What comes up for you? Fear? Confusion? Dread? Chaos? Does it threaten you? What is the threat? If you find there is no threat, then what was the threat?? More importantly, what are the possibilities??

If everything you’ve ever learned is a lie, what are the possibilities??

If everything you hold true is true, what are the possibilities??

If the ‘you’ you know, if the ‘you’ you identify with is not real, what are the possibilities??

What is real? What makes ‘real’ real?

What makes the ‘lie’ a lie?

Years ago I went through a paradigm shift whereby I rejected what I had learned, what I had believed, what I had held sacred, what I had worshiped.

The shift was painful, scary, confusing, traumatic. I thought I was being seduced, deceived, and that I was headed for destruction.

I went to the dark side of the light, and there I found the truth.

Then I was born again.

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