Shift Your Reality By Altering Your Language

With words we entrap ourselves and by our  words we are liberated. Every act is preceded by the word. Words populate every thought, every act, and every imagined possibility.

I realize how much I had limited myself with my words and my stories (my interpretations of events). Yet, I’ve also discovered the word as the pivot point of a new possibility, the frame within which to hang a new picture when the old one did not serve me.

It was Solomon, my son, who enlightened me in a way that all past teachings did not or could not. (I emphasize EXPERIENCES, along with IMAGINATION, as primary tools of learning and manifestation of desires over acquired KNOWLEDGE).

Solomon, a beautiful soul, cries and resists when it comes time to go to sleep for the night or for a nap. I used to say, ‘He hates going to sleep.’ Then, after giving thought to what I was saying and recognizing that he could not hate anything, I had to change my words. I began to say, ‘He loves to be awake,’ which reflects what really is going on. I then began to rethink a lot of things I say and making changes to what I say as a result of my experience which Solomon provided.

When we realize that our words create our reality then that awareness offers us a choice of transforming our language, and thus our reality, or continuing with things as is. This is no small matter to the one who is awakened to his potential as a creator of his reality.

For example, we might say something like, ‘I have to be at work at 9 am.’ This is said so often by so many that we don’t even think about it. However, a closer look at the phrase, ‘I have to‘, reveals something fascinating.

When do you have to do anything?

When you have to do something you have no choice. If you have no choice then you are either dead, imprisoned, enslaved, or bound in some way. This might seem simplistic or dramatic but it’s not. There is an energy to words and phrases that exists independent of intention, as shown in the work of Masaru Emoto. There seems to be an energetic law at work whether we are aware of it or not much like the law of gravity which has the same impact on us knowingly or unknowingly.

By saying we have to do anything we’re creating a reality in which we have no choice, no power. As a result, possibilities are limited or non-existent. By saying ‘I have to‘, the ‘I’ that has to is who shows up – a powerless ‘I’.

Now, by altering our language reality changes. By shifting from ‘I have to to ‘I agree/agreed to‘ or ‘I choose/chose to‘ we retain our power in the matter. We are no longer bound by a limiting dynamic; we are now free to choose or not choose. We are empowered to be, to do, to operate as we choose which opens up the understanding that we can choose differently.

Also, this altered language invites to analyze and weigh the risks, rewards, and consequences of our choices and actions. We no longer follow a track passively and mindlessly; we pursue a path fully engaged thoughtfully, intelligently.

Below is a list of things I used to say alongside my re-framed language to create a new picture-frame of reality. Read the changes in wording and see if you can figure out the thinking, the intention, behind the change.

– What impact could the original wording (I used to say…) have on your relationship to reality?

– What possible impact could the re-wording (Now I say this…) have on one’s thinking and on how one views themselves and reality?

– What is the intention behind the change?

– What reality is being created in the original language and with the altered wording?

– How can you speak differently so as to alter your reality powerfully in a way that leaves you aware, empowered, and aligned with your SELF as the causative power in your life?

I used to say that…                                Now I say this…

– It’s too expensive.                            – How can I afford this?
– Solomon hates to go to sleep.      – Solomon loves to stay awake.
– That song sucks.                                – I dislike the song & can see how one can like it.
– I worship God/the Lord.                – I express Creator.
– I’m made in the image of God.      – I’m an expression of Creator/Universe.
– I have to do X.                                     – I choose/agree to do X.
– I don’t know.                                        – Let me see.
– I’m wrong.                                             – You’re right/correct.
– I’m sorry.                                               – I apologize.
– I’m a (fill in occupation).                 – I work as a (fill in occupation).
– What’s wrong with me?                     – What’s right with me?
– I can’t stand my wife/girlfriend.   – How is she a reflection of me?
– What a waste of time that was.       – What can I learn from that?

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