A Healthful, Delicious Raw Alternative to Ice Cream

I live in New England where more ice cream is consumed then in any other region in the country. Everyone I’ve ever known loves ice cream and has their personal favorite. Mine is butter pecan. I like my ice cream soft and creamy so I would remove it from the freezer and let it sit until it was the right consistency.

Ice cream is childhood, amusement parks, summer days of melting, dripping sugary goo, weekends with friends watching movies at home, nights with family after dinner, chasing Mr. Softee ice cream trucks (a NYC thing) playing the happy, ice cream jingle, after-sex treat (some of you who follow my blog may have noticed I mention sex quite a bit – is there anything better than good sex!!??), summer camps, family reunions, birthday parties, and on and on.

Ice cream is fun. Ice cream is also a delicious poison posing all kinds of problems once you get past its deliciousness.

Sugar, milk, ‘natural’ and artificial flavors, conditioners, preservatives, coloring, corn syrup – it’s a recipe for rotting teeth, gas, bloating, indigestion, and obesity.

I’m going to share with you the simple steps for making an AWESOME alternative for all of you ice cream lovers.

(And I will be making a video and posting it here on Healing Voyage – in fact, I will be adding a page in the very near future with all kinds of videos for health and well-being — all good and useful stuff).



– fresh, ripe bananas (bananas are sweetest and most healthful when they are spotted with no trace of green at the ends)
– almond milk
– maple syrup or honey as sweetener, if desired


1) First, peel some ripe bananas and break up each banana into smaller pieces about 2 inches in length.

2) Place your banana pieces into a freezer bag or a storage container of your choosing (I reuse my freezer bags by washing them with hot, hot water).

3) Place your banana-filled bag in the freezer and allow 24-36 hours to freeze thoroughly (plan ahead if you will be serving family and friends).

4) Remove frozen banana pieces from the freezer and place them in a food processor (blenders can work too but it’s tricky – food processors are best). NOTE: If you own a Champion Juicer you can run your frozen bananas through it without having to break up the bananas into small pieces.

5) Run your food processor on ‘High’ to break up your banana pieces thoroughly into a thick mash.

6) Add a milk alternative (I use almond milk — store-bought cow’s milk tends to be full of hormones, chemical additives, and GMO-stuff [cows are fed GMO grains] and soy milk is fattening and likely to be GMO).

Add the milk 4 ounces at a time – this will allow you to control the mixing process until you get the desired consistency.

7) If you must add a sweetener use maple syrup, honey, or a sweetener like agave (READ UP ON AGAVE FIRST! THERE ARE AGAVE SYRUPS THAT ARE JUNK! And as for honey, research first, because there are reports of ‘honey’ from China that is not honey at all but flavored syrup).

8) Serve the soft-serve banana ice cream in a bowl and add nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, raw cacao chips or nibs, coconut flakes, freshly-made chocolate syrup or blended fruit.

9) You can freeze your banana treat if you prefer hard over soft (and be careful with your puns and double entendres!)

10) You can also try other fruits to make ice cream – strawberries, blueberries, peaches, etc. Experiment and have fun!

Bon appetit!

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