Silence: Our First Language

Do you ever sit at your keyboard and just sit staring? You want to write something, say something, and you find you have nothing to say at the moment. What do you do then?

Of course there are all kinds of options to choose from, techniques and tricks designed to get the fingers dancing on the keys and your inner writer singing.

I want to talk about the option of silence.


In other words, do nothing, remain in the void.


In the modernized west we have become uncomfortable with silence. We regard it in the same way we regard an empty room, as space to be filled with furnishings for comfort and pictures for diversionary pleasures. In our haste to fill the space we often choose furniture that promotes bad posture and art void of meaning.

In like manner, then, we fill the silence with cable tv programming, ipods, ipads, cellphones, video games, ceaseless texting, and numerous other innovations and amusements. And for what? After all the collective hours spent each day by tens of millions can we say that we are, as a society, better off? If we are then by what measure and where is the evidence?

Modern gadgetry enables us to speak to people a world away, and that includes the wonder of the internet (now under threat by governments) which allows me to speak to you through this blog. But what about the people living across the street from you, from me? Do we speak to them? Do we even know their names?

Did modern technology give us the means to avoid the financial collapse we are witnessing and experiencing around the globe? Did modern technology give us the wisdom and foresight to avoid the housing bubble? Did modern technology enable us to thwart 9-11? Does modern technology protect us from a failing public school system or inept government? There are no easy, simple answers to these but at least we can begin to answer by saying ‘no’ as evidenced by the fact of the existence of what I mentioned.

Where can we look to for answers and solutions? Look to what lies within.


Silence is a space of possibility. That’s it. It offers us a looking glass with which to view our souls and enjoy the art of being; a sea shell wherein we hear the sound that is the echo of creative, articulate spaces;  a rug on which we can sit and fly and dream and wonder.

Silence is the chamber of birth, the eloquence of possibility, our first language.

The by-product of modern living is a collective din that drowns out the voice of individuality. Silence is our calling back to individuality.

So, when you are at a loss for what to say, say nothing.

Let silence speak.

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