10 Simple Ways to Bounce Back From the Blues and Blahs

I had been feeling down lately. Not depressed. Just blah. No desire or energy to do much. Disinterested and withdrawn. Not sad. Not happy.

Sound familiar? You too, huh.

Well, I don’t get depressed anymore. I used to get the blues and they could get dark and turbulent at times. Thank goodness that’s over for me!

Nowadays I just get the blahs, rarely though, and I ride them out like a sudden, passing rain.

Couple of days ago was in the thick of the blahs and on impulse I decided to go the park with Solomon. And that was the end of the blahs.

The boost I needed came the instant I took an action and set myself in motion.

On another occasion I might put on some  Ol’ School R&B or Deep House music and dance. Or I might write to vent and clear out. Again, I take an action.

Action is the vital force in activity. The blues and blahs can be the effects of stagnation, inactivity (usually) and certainly are worsened by inactivity.

The activity and inactivity can occur on any level – creative, sexual, relational, physical, financial, mental, emotional, spiritual, recreational, etc.

Taking action is simply a way of shifting your internal state. By shifting your internal state you create a new space of possibility in which to begin anew.

The actions you can take to rise above the blues and blahs could be:

1) Be aware and do nothing. The blues and the blahs do not last forever. As you sit at the bottom of ‘Blues Valley’, realize that your return to the mountain-top is not far off. It’s all part of seasonal living. Or you can elevate your awareness higher to travel the middle path – not high, not low, just balanced and centered. Besides, the blues and the blahs could be partly due to natural cycles (astrological, lunar, seasonal),  or even the visitation of powers (gods? archetypal forces?) to call you to the fullness of the Human experience. If we rush to rid ourselves of the blues and blahs, as if they are ‘bad’ things to avoid, we might miss what they are trying to teach us, their wisdom-offerings.

2) Have sex. Hey, I know how futile it can be to use sex as a panacea for what ails us. But you know what – it works! Even if only for a moment, sex will elevate your mood. And all you need is a moment, an orgasm, to break your current state and shift to a higher state. And when done without thought, without any hangups or preoccupations, it will heal your soul!

3) Get in motion. Take a walk (preferably in Nature such as on the beach, among trees, or any green park), go for a jog, shoot some hoops, go for a swim, ride a bike, dance, jump, shout, scream, laugh, work out, clean the house. Get in motion.

4) Stay away from junk food. Nothing is more tempting or more harmful to eat than junk food. The sugar, refined flour, chemical preservatives and flavors, and the empty calories are a recipe for failure. Junk food is what it says it is – junk, garbage, trash. Eat it and you will feel the same way – depressed and fit to be thrown out with the garbage. Guaranteed. They are delicious, yes, and so are good healthful foods.

5) Eat fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts. You can’t go wrong for eating these foods. And if you think they’re tasteless or boring to eat then understand this – it’s your programming that tells you that! Why do you not think breathing is boring? Because you’ve never been told it was and because you don’t have to think about breathing! With food, we’ve been told (thru advertising, peers, and others) that fatty, fried, sweetened, and processed foods are the tastiest so now when it comes time to eat we weigh what we’ve been told and what we think against what is best for the body and its needs. Think about that when it comes to what you think about food.

6) Laugh. Exercise is one way to breathe more deeply; laughter is another. When you laugh your body takes in more oxygen. Laughter is DEEP breathing combined with a powerful emotion.  Proper breathing and emotional shifts, such as what you experience when laughing, are vital to well-being and healing. So watch some good stand-up comedy, your favorite sitcom, hang out with a funny friend or call that funny uncle, or play a good board game with great comedic potential like Pictionary or Balderdash.

7) Do something creative. Dust off the piano keys, get that djembe out from your closet, wet the paintbrushes again, try a new cooking recipe, squeeze out a poem, make something. Creative action revives and energizes your Soul. Maybe that’s why you feel the blues and blahs here and there – maybe your Soul is using your shadow energies to call you back to your creative Self?

8) Listen to an inspirational, motivational, transformational speech. There’s tons of them available on CD and as downloads. They work. Or you can read a motivational book or a good self-development blog to get informed, inspired, and empowered.

9) Give. Giving of your time to serve in the capacity of caring, sharing, kindness, generosity, and love is life-altering and life-saving! The feeling of ALIVENESS that comes with this action and continues beyond the action is beyond words. You must experience it to know what it’s like. Experience it – make that choice.

10) Count your blessings. Take some time to count the blessings in your life. For example, seeing is one; able to read is another; able to think; having access to the internet; being alive; interacting with other Humans a world away; having people that care enough to share information and inspiration; able to write. That’s 8 blessings you can count just by reading this blog post! How many other blessings, things you can be truly thankful for, do you think you can count in your home? In your community? In your family? Your job? As you drive, walk, run, fly? How many? Keep a journal – a blessings journal!       What will happen is that the more you see the blessings the more you want to see them, the more readily you are attuned to them, and the more you will experience and receive them in your life. It’s not rocket science – which is a blessing in itself! Can you imagine how long you have to study and how much you have to know and memorize to know rocket science? Yeah, thank goodness it ain’t rocket science!

Action does not require much thought or even the right thought at all. In other words, don’t wait until you feel right to take action. Take the action NOW and then you WILL FEEL AWESOME! It may not happen immediately – give it time and it will.

The blues and the blahs are no big deal. In truth, they are only as big as you make them and as troubling as you allow them to be. Make yourself bigger then the troubles and pains by taking action. You will expand by doing so. It’s really simple.

Keep it simple.

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