How To Get Answers and GuidanceThrough Dreams

Dreams are gateways to the domains of deeper mind, the secret life, and hidden worlds; the meeting ground of your known self and your spirit-self; a path to deeper mysteries of your existence.

And they are a blast! I need sleep for the rest and restoration; I love sleep for the dreams that awaken each night.

Whether I understand them or can attribute any meaning and relevance to them does not matter – am I less fascinated by a work of abstract expressionist art just because I can draw no meaning from it? Of course not.

My relationship to my dreams has evolved over my lifetime from one of passive fascination to active wonder. I’ve visited Africa, India, Thailand, Tibet even though I’ve never been to these places physically; I’ve hung out with Oprah, swam with great white sharks, and visited other worlds.

I’ve also enjoyed recurring dreams of flying whose narrative unfolded  in distinct phases – first, flying to escape danger; then flying just for the bliss of flying; and, lastly, flying to teach others how to fly.

I’ve had recurring nightmares beginning in childhood that continued well into my adulthood – nightmares whose fright diminished over time when I  understood that they were only symbols of my conscious and subconscious fears expressed in dream language. Having resolved the fears, the nightmares came to an end.

I will discuss these in more detail at a later time but for now I want to share with you how you can utilize your dream life to get answers, guidance, and revelations. There is nothing elaborate as the process is quite simple enough that any child can do it, which is, I feel, how it ought to be. What has taken me over a decade to discover you can learn and apply beginning tonight and develop and refine over time.

1) As you lie in bed for the night’s sleep, empty your mind of any pressing thoughts. You can do this in any number of ways. One way is to breathe fully but naturally, with a soft belly,  counting each breath as you exhale. Count to 10 silently without any distracting thought, with 100% unbroken attention on your breathing. If a thought comes to mind restart the count immediately until you can count to 10 with no interrupting thought. Or just breathe deeply without counting until you feel totally relaxed.

2) Determine what the question, issue, or dilemma will be for which you will seek the answer, solution, or clarification. Be very clear on this. Also, only one question or issue at a time for that night. If you have others then you’ll have to wait for another night. One question per night. For example, you might want guidance on where to move to, what career path to take, what your purpose is, or anything at all you can think of.

3) Once you know the question, address the question to your (inner) Spirit/Inner Self/Higher Self/subconscious mind. Do so in silence, in thought only, not out loud (this deepens your relationship with your Inner Self and deepens the intimacy of your Inner Life). As you pose the question/request in your mind to your Inner Self ‘speak’ each word slowly, deliberately, clearly, and very mindfully.

4) After you pose the question then say, ‘(Please) give/show me a dream in answer to this question; give me remembrance of the dream upon awakening; and (please) help me understand the dream.’

5) Fall asleep. After you pose the question and/or request there is no need to think about it any further. Doing so will not increase the likelihood of having the dream. Your Spirit and your mind have the material to work with – now let them work.

6) When you awaken, immediately write the dream in your dream journal or record it right away into a voice recorder (in case it’s still dark when you awaken and you don’t want to turn on the light). Write down the dream in all of its details and below the dream add a note of the question you asked. Be sure to date the entry like you would with a diary or journal of any kind.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you immediately. Give it time. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Have faith in your innate ability to figure things out because you do have this ability within you even if you don’t think so. The dream life is an indication of how connected you are with your Self and consistent exercise strengthens this connection.

Some tips to help your process of dream guidance:

1) Go to bed early. Getting plenty of sleep improves dream recall. Some can do it even on little sleep, but getting little sleep night after night does have its consequences, physically and metaphysically.

2) Do not wake up with an alarm clock. This is the worst way to wake up in the morning. The abrupt loudness of an alarm clock jolts you out of sleep and tends to destroy dream recall. Wake up like the dawn which is a slow, easy transition from night to day.

3) When you awaken do not get up immediately. Spend your first few moments lying still in bed, recalling your dream(s) in all their detail. Rushing out of bed to start your day is likely to cause the memory of your dream(s) to dissipate. To help your dream recall you can try lying in the same position as when you were dreaming/sleeping – sounds strange but it does help.

4) Keep a dream journal. This has been a huge part of my growth. I can read entries of dreams from years past and remember dreams that would have been forgotten. Also, I can gain new insight into the meaning and relevance of my dreams as I grow and change over time.

5) Eat well. Junk food is disruptive to the inner life. Every once in a while is ok but consistent junk food, including and especially fast food, destroys your health, your inner connections, and sets a poor example for others.

6) Drink lots of pure water. Drinking water helps keep you in flow.

7) Maintain/exercise your Inner Life – prayer; meditation the arts; time spent in silence; laughter; Nature walks; observing a sunset or sunrise; time at the beach; good sex (or purposeful, enjoyable celibacy); keeping a journal; fasting; physical exercise; communicating with your surroundings through listening and speaking; whatever else you can think to do.

8) B-complex vitamins, specifically B-12, have been shown to help induce dreaming and thus, dream recall. Nutritional yeast is an EXCELLENT source of B-complex vitamins.

8) Find your own language and ritual. I give you a guideline, not a law. I base what I share on my experience. Build on it or find your own. The mystical path is a highly personal, creative one.

9) Rely only on your own Spirit. I say this because some have ‘spirit guides’ or ‘angels’ or other entities to guide them. To my mind this may be of help, to a dubious degree, but ultimately unnecessary. You have your own Spirit which is the essential, eternal, transcendent YOU of you. Your own Spirit knows you better than any other entity possibly can, because you are Spirit presently expressed in a Human context. Keep your eyes looking within for guidance and truth, not without.

I hope this helps you. It has helped me in the most meaningful ways. I share it with you so that you can experience your own life and being in wondrous ways. Initially, you may be amazed at your discoveries. Be inspired by them so you can inspire others to live more intimately and meaningfully. Then, as you gain deeper knowledge through your experiences you will cease to be astonished, and you will be led to more wondrous discoveries and landscapes of being.

4 responses to “How To Get Answers and GuidanceThrough Dreams

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  2. Hi Sariyd,
    Moore has a blog entry on Huffington Post devoted to dreams:
    He writes about them in Care of the Soul, starting on page 291 and I think he writes about them in Care of the Soul in Medicine – I don’t have my copy close so I can’t check for sure. I don’t spend much time with blogs so I can’t recommend others. If you click on the links of people commenting on his blog, you may find some sites of interest. I recommend James Hillman’s book, The Dream and the Underground.
    Cheers, Barque


  3. Thank you for stopping by Barque and for the recommendation of Luke’s writings which I will check out. Where do I find Moore’s writings about dreams/working with dreams? Also, are there other blogs/blog writers like Moore’s/Moore that you could recommend?


  4. Thank you Sariyd for taking the time to post this approach to dreams and thank you for commenting recently on Thomas Moore’s new blog your dream steps are very similar to the ones Moore recommends. I’ve been reading Helen M. Luke, a pioneer Jungian who respected her dreams. You may enjoy her writings, too. Thank you again for your dream guidance.


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