A Simple Way to Exercise and Build Your Creative Muscle

You can do this today, this very moment. Or you can start first thing tomorrow morning in case you read  this at night.

What you are going to do is an exercise in creative power as expressed through you, as you. Like the weightlifter who lifts 400 lbs., he started with much, much lighter weight so you’re going to start small in the beginning or, in fact, you can start big since this realm of being and operating is not bound by physical laws.

When you awake in the morning, before you even get out of bed, give thanks for being, for breathing, for health, for the previous night’s rest, for the day to come, for the people in your life, for your life just the way it is, etc. Give thanks for anything and everything you are thankful for or can think of being thankful for. This builds a consciousness of gratitude which opens you up to all of Life’s offerings and blessings from within and without. Said another way, when you nurture a thankful mind you will tune your mind in such a way that you will experience more things to be thankful for. It’s like programming you Pandora radio for ’70’s classic rock’ and it will pick out and play every classic rock song from the 70’s.

Then take a moment to speak, to declare what you want for that day – a moment of joy, a feeling of power (in general or in a specific area of your life), a call from someone you want to hear from, a creative spark, a productive and empowering day at work, 2 or 3 or 4 closes (if you work in sales), an allergy-free day, a financial breakthrough in the amount of $x, a breakthrough in a specific area of life.

Be specific in what you are declaring as your desired manifestation. Being specific will help you recognize the fulfillment of your declaration when it appears in your life.

For example, if you say, ‘I declare/choose more money in my life’ how will you recognize more money as an effect of your declared desire. If you say, instead, ‘I declare that I will have $50,000 by January 15, 2013’ then you will easily recognize when that occurs because of its specificity.

Have a purpose for your declaration. Have a ‘why’ when it comes to your declared desire and commitment. Why? Having a purpose makes it meaningful, whereas lacking a purpose, a ‘why’, will make your declaration lacking in true fulfillment. It’s one thing to have $1,000,000 – it’s another thing to have $1,000,000 for the purpose of traveling the world to learn from different cultures and/or to create a fund to assist others in getting an education they otherwise would not be able to afford.

Give no thought to ‘how’. When you declare your desired manifestation and you commit yourself to seeing it through there is no need to have any idea ‘how’ you are going to make it happen. Be BOLD, speak the word, commit, take whatever action you know to take, and your taking action will lead you to opportunities for further actions to take. The opportunities will remain where they are – they will not ‘come to you’. Your taking the steps you know to take will lead to take the steps you cannot now see and by doing so you will arrive at opportunities and openings you did not know existed.

As you take the actions, infuse each action with power. How? By keeping your vision of what you want in mind as you do each action. This will add the power of purpose to your actions. Attaching the ‘big picture’ to each action gives the action a place under the sun of your vision. Our Moon has purpose only as it remains in its orbit around our Earth; our planet has purpose, and is able to maintain life as a result, only by remaining connected in its revolution around the Sun.

Have fun. You are learning to exercise your creative powers and the power of your word is one of those powers (as are the power to envision, the power to choose, the power to act, the power of purpose, etc.). Learn from the child learning to walk, to talk, to play, to run – the child is laughing, happy, bold, and persistent because to the child IT IS ALL PLAY! Make a game of this. Have fun. Having fun makes you more creative.

Let’s enumerate the steps (without getting rigidly formulaic about it):

  1. Express and practice Gratitude. Gratitude keeps you tuned in to Life’s offerings and blessings.
  2. Declare. Declare what you want, declare your vision – boldly and unreasonably.
  3. Be specific. Life responds to specifics. Vague visions bring vague results.
  4. Have a purpose, a ‘why’. The power of purpose will make your achievement, and its pursuit, meaningful and fulfilling.
  5. Give no thought to ‘how’ your declared desire will be fulfilled. Be bold and be prepared to take whatever action occurs to you to take and this will take you to your next step and opportunity.
  6. Add power to each action by keeping your vision in mind as you do each action.
  7. Have fun. Make a game of this. You are not called to make living and creating heavy, solemn pursuits. Just like the child who is always having fun while learning, growing and creating, so are you called to do the same in the same spirit of fun.

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