Cheap, Effective Homemade Deodorant

When the summer heat is intense you sweat more than you normally do. Duh. If you use a commercial deodorant you might break out in a rash in your armpits – red, blistery, itchy, stinging pain. No fun at all.

Commercial deodorants often contain harsh chemicals that trigger sensitivities and reactions. Natural commercial alternatives can get pricey for many. That leaves little or no options for many.

Here’s an option that I use:

I keep hydrogen peroxide in an opaque, pump spray bottle (exposure to light breaks it down). I spray it on my armpits each morning, and I’m odor-free until the next day. For good measure, I will rub some aluminum-free baking soda on my armpits after applying the hydrogen peroxide.

NOTE: the hydrogen peroxided, when applied to the skin, elicits an unpleasant odor at first. This will last anywhere from a few days to a week, each time you apply it. For me it lasted about 3-4 days. I stuck with it and now I experience no odor whenever I spray on the peroxide.

Try just one of these suggestions – the peroxide or the baking soda – or both together or alternatively. Experiment on yourself and stick with it until you get it right.

As for the dollar-savings consider this: a 32 oz. bottle of peroxide costs me 89 cents and a 16 oz. bag of aluminum-free baking soda costs me $2.50 a bag locally (I like Bob’s Red Mill Aluminum-Free Baking Soda which is available on Amazon for only $5.56 for a pack of 4 – 16 oz. bags!!!)

So, for $3.39 ($2.50 + $.89) I have enough deodorant to last an entire year with no physical, or financial, side effects!

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