‘Failing’ is the Most Courageous Thing You Can Do!

Where would you be without your ‘failures’? Where would you be if you had never ‘failed’ at anything?

The only way to avoid ‘failing’ and your fear of ‘failing’ and your fear of the fear is to not try at all.

Wayne Gretzky said, ”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” How true!

However, the way many of us look at it, and approach living, is, ”By not taking any shot I am guaranteed not to miss.”

Here is a list of things you never would have experienced without ‘failing’:

  1. Growing
  2. Walking
  3. Talking
  4. Riding a bicycle
  5. Running
  6. Feeding yourself
  7. Dressing yourself
  8. Tying your shoes
  9. Brushing your teeth
  10. Reading
  11. Writing (anything – a letter, a poem, an essay, a story, a book, the alphabet, etc.)
  12. Playing a musical instrument
  13. Singing
  14. Dancing
  15. Being a loving friend
  16. Being a loving parent
  17. Being a loving son/daughter/sister/brother/family member
  18. Loving intimacy
  19. Vulnerability
  20. Getting a job
  21. Being an asset as an employee or employer
  22. Being a business owner
  23. Playing any sport
  24. Swimming
  25. Skiing (water, snow)
  26. Skating (roller, ice or in-line)
  27. Martial arts
  28. Fishing
  29. Driving a car, motorcycle, or boat
  30. Being an attentive partner
  31. Being an attentive lover
  32. Effective public speaking
  33. Public speaking – period!
  34. Cooking
  35. Doing laundry
  36. Building a house
  37. Building anything!
  38. Being an effective salesperson
  39. Finishing school (grade school, high school, college, graduate school, completing your doctorate)
  40. Being an effective leader
  41. Being an effective follower
  42. Knitting
  43. Sewing
  44. Ironing clothes
  45. Fulfillment
  46. Love
  47. Making love (not sure what ‘failing’ looks like or feels like with this one – but we all have felt like we’ve been there!)
  48. Arriving at a destination on foot, by car, or by any other means (‘failing’ is getting lost)
  49. Cooking
  50. Making smoothies
  51. Losing weight
  52. Keeping the weight off
  53. Getting in shape
  54. Staying in shape
  55. Self-expression
  56. Telling a joke
  57. Winning at any game (individual or team)
  58. Managing money well
  59. Achieving/Fulfilling any dream
  60. Courage (how can you experience courage without ‘failing’ or without fear?? ‘failing’ and fear are precursors to courage!)

Do you see what I’m getting at? To do ANYTHING in life, TO BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING IN LIFE, you must first experience your inability to do it. Then, with experience and persistence, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

Now, notice the first 2 items – ‘Growing’ and ‘Walking’. How can you fail at ‘Growing’ and ‘Walking’??

Let me ask the question this way –

When a child is learning how to walk, do we say the child has ‘failed’ or is ‘failing’ when she stumbles and falls in her early attempts? No way!

As we grow in life, and within ANY context of life and living, and we stumble in our early efforts at growth (otherwise known as ‘achievement’) – why do we call it ‘failing’??? Even worse, why do we call ourselves ‘failures’?????

Because reality arises from language (our word), we must be mindful of what we are saying and what our words mean. Let’s pay careful attention to our words because they create the reality we see.

Now, back to the original purpose of this post – do not fear ‘failing’. ‘Failing’ is the way to success.

‘Failing’ is the most courageous thing you can do!

3 responses to “‘Failing’ is the Most Courageous Thing You Can Do!

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    • You’re welcome! I can only guess which item(s) on the list made you chuckle! Could it have been the one I wrote while laughing at some hilarious memories!!??


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