One Small Act Will Change Your Life

Your life does not respond to what you know. Your life responds to what you believe, what you say, and what you do which together comprise your way of being – what you are believing about yourself and how you are operating in the world.

You might know how to ride a bicycle to get in shape but it’s the act of riding the bicycle that gets you in shape.

You might know how to write well but it’s the act of writing, well or not, that produces the result of writing well (with dedicated practice).

You might know what it takes to lose weight but it’s the act of exercising and healthy eating that takes the weight off.

You might know that your passion and purpose in life is to be an artist, a business owner, a graphic designer, a wine grower, a journalist, a writer, a world traveler, a musician, a scientist, an attorney, or anything at all you might choose to become.

Thinking about it, envisioning it, talking about it, feeling inspired by it, making plans for it – these are awesome and they certainly have their place. They do.

However, it is in the doing, the pursuing, the asking, the seeking, the knocking, the entering, the exiting, the falling, the failing, the rising, the restarting, the sweating, the studying, the researching, the digging, the working, the hurting, the laboring, the doing, the doing, the doing, the doing………that brings you what and where you want to be.

Action is the key – not knowing or thinking or talking about it only.

Knowing, thinking, and talking precede action, but they are not substitutes for it (I want to reiterate here that your word is a powerful tool of transformation IF you follow your word with aligned, committed action which amounts to integrity – read my series: The Word Becomes Flesh).

And all of your actions start with one act, one small step. Doing that one small act, taking that one small step now, could very well be the very thing that determines the whole of your success in the future.

Or, not doing that one small act, not taking that one small step could be the only thing that prevents your passion, your purpose, from manifesting into reality, from becoming your experience of your Self, of your desired life, and of the feeling of power and aliveness.

So, why hesitate? Why wait until tomorrow or some other future time?

Now is the only time you have! Now is the perfect time!

The future is merely the expanded present! Don’t wait for the future! The future is already here!

And if you have a past that did not serve you then realize this – the past does not exist! It’s gone! It’s past! It ain’t real! Reinvent it since it’s not real anyway!

Maybe you experienced childhood trauma, failures, embarrassment, humiliation – well, we all have! And most of us have allowed the memories of those events and our stories about those events to become our present reality!

Why??? Why are you letting old stories keep you back??? Why do this when it’s all illusion!

Separate the facts (what happened) from the story (your interpretation of the event).

Maybe, as a child, you were told that you were stupid, worthless, and that you would grow up to be a nobody. Maybe it was your own Father that told you this. Those were his thoughts, his words – don’t make them your truth!

Maybe you were bullied as a child and you didn’t fight back, which instilled in you a belief (conscious or not) that you are a fearful person, a coward, a victim. The bullying actions were their actions and it’s their karma! Don’t make your past response, or lack thereof, paint the picture of who and what you are, who and what you can be, TODAY!!! Don’t make it your karma!!!

Again, separate the facts (what happened) from the story (your interpretation of what happened), because the truth of it is that they are separate!

Now I must return to the original purpose of this post.

What small action, what small step, can YOU take TODAY?
What can you do TODAY to create the reality you want for yourself and others?
What tiny shift in your thinking do you need to make in order to take ACTION?
Or, as so often happens, maybe you just need to TAKE ACTION in order to produce that shift in your thinking and beliefs?

Whatever it is, TAKE THE ACTION! Whatever it is, MAKE THE SHIFT!

Life calls you, and the world needs you, to be your true and best Self!

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