How the Word Becomes Flesh – Part III

In this post, the third in this series, I continue sharing how to empower yourself with your word, as your word.

The important first step, as covered in the previous post, How the Word Becomes Flesh – Part II, is to get honest, really honest, about where you have been dishonest. To get real (authentic) about where you have been phony (inauthentic). The purpose is to rectify, heal, cleanse, and restore.

This is the idea behind confessing your ‘sins’ in religious traditions – it clears your conscience of the heavy baggage and burden of guilt and your consciousness of the  trait of futility, thus empowering you to fulfill your moral obligations.

At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. Most often it doesn’t because the idea of integrity is linked with morality and that taints the conscience and the Soul with ‘bad’, ‘evil’ stains that are very, very difficult to remove within the given religious framework.

Like in the example given in the previous post – How the Word Becomes Flesh – Part I – of the bridge lacking integrity. What do engineers do with bridges whose structural integrity is not sound? They repair it. Lacking integrity results in malfunction and lack of safety, not failure. To continue using the structure without clearing the lack of structural integrity will result in failure, and possibly disaster. However, the lack of integrity does not make the bridge ‘bad’. It only calls for the kind of action that results in restored integrity, function, service and safety.

If the bridge were to be labelled as a ‘bad’ bridge that means it is beyond repair, and it would be have to be destroyed and another one built in its place. Can you see how carrying the idea of being a ‘bad’ person can only lead to permanent dysfunction, futility, and ultimate failure. This may be one reason why religions fail in their stated goal of redeeming, reforming, and remaking the individual.

With the understanding that admitting a lack of integrity is the first step, what’s the next step? You align yourself, your actions, with your word by keeping your word when you give it. This is the work of restoring the soundness of your word, restoring your integrity, and restoring your POWER.

Possibly without being aware of it, your life right now is a reflection and result of your WORD. If you have not been keeping your word, or have been deceitful or manipulative, abusive, gossiping, and otherwise lacking integrity with your word then you have forfeited the power to fulfill anything that matters to you.

How you treat your word is how you treat your life – your relationships (family, partner, your children, friends, co-workers, strangers), your career (or job), the events in your life, and your dreams.

Your word is a small matter, yet it is never insignificant. If you are careless with your word it is guaranteed that you are being, will be, and have been careless in the other areas of your life. Again, this does not make you a ‘bad’ person. It means you lack structural integrity and will not operate in the world with power, full self-expression, freedom and vitality.

Like the bridge (or the bicycle tire missing spokes) that is useless  without integrity, your word will mean nothing to the people around you. You have no credibility, no support, no trust, and possibly no respect from others.

However, if you keep your word, fulfill your commitments and promises, and honor your word (i.e., immediately, and without excuses, give account of the fact that you are not going to keep your word or have not kept your word) then you empower your word. And because you are your word you therefore empower yourself.

Sound too simple? Well, that’s because it is that simple!

Most of us give our word and don’t keep it and then wonder why life doesn’t work the way we want it to.

Why do we wonder? Because we think it’s complicated so we approach it like a complicated problem that calls for complex solutions. We read books, attend workshops, go to seminars – over and over and over. These are ways we resist the actions needed in order to stay in the comfort zone of inaction and discontent.

Inaction and discontent become like old familiar friends. You know, people you hang around with because the feeling is familiar and comfortable; friends who don’t demand too much of you but don’t inspire you either.  You can gripe, gossip, complain, and commiserate with these friends and they will accept you just the way are. Nothing wrong with that actually, however, once you take steps toward real growth and shift your way of seeing, being, and doing look around to see if these friends are inspired to do the same. Or do they resist, remain resigned and cynical, and even say things like, ‘You’re not being realistic’, ‘You were just fine the way you were’, ‘I like the old you better’, or ‘The problem with that is…’

Ask yourself if this is what you want? If not, make the shift toward transformation by admitting your lack of integrity and then restoring your integrity.

Now, you can use your word to talk; or you can use your word to WALK. Is your word speech? Or is your word ACTION?

Let’s consider a baby learning how to walk. First, how does a baby learn to walk? Does a baby talk himself into walking? Or does a baby observe the action, create a picture in mind, and then make attempt after attempt until he is walking? In fact, when babies are DOING the walking they haven’t even formed the word ‘WALKING’ yet!!! Really ponder that!!! Babies observe, envision, and do. Simple.

As adults, we add the power of the word (language) to the power of observation (seeing), imagination (envisioning, picturing – which also are ways of seeing and language as well), and action (doing, operating).

We did these things (observe, envision, and do) as babies without the help of books, workshops, and coaching. Books and workshops are great resources, don’t get me wrong; I just want to emphasize that your greatest resource is YOU, your SELF! No one else can do it for you – no one else can walk for you, talk for you, imagine for you, or operate as you.

With this added power of the WORD we have greater power to shift our reality and create a life. How, why? Because reality arises from language. Your word creates your reality.

Through the WORD all things are made; without it nothing is made that has been made.

I will cite 2 powerful illustrations of this:

In the book, The Hidden Messages in Water, by Masaru Emoto, he details his work with Water and the effect words have on Water. If you never heard of his work, well, what he did was take pieces of paper with words typed on them – words like ‘love’, ‘hate’, ‘gratitude’, ‘kill’ as well as phrases like, ‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I hate you’, ‘You make me sick’, ‘Do it!’ and many, many others – and taped them to vials of water. He left the vials sitting overnight with the words taped to them and the following morning he froze a water sample from each vial and photographed the formations of ice crystals.

The results were astounding! Words like ‘love’, ‘gratitude’, and ‘Thank you”, for example, produced beautiful ice crystal formations resembling intricately-designed snowflakes. And words like ‘hate’, ‘kill’, and ‘You make me sick’ produced malformed or incomplete formations of ice crystals.

Here are some images taken from his book:

In the autobiographical book, Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman, by Malidoma Some, Malidoma gives an account of an experience when he was a child of about 5 yrs. walking with his Grandfather who was the family patriarch – the priest, leader, and counselor of the Birifor family of over 50 people which comprised one of 17 member families of the Dagara tribe in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

As Malidoma was walking with his Grandfather, who loved sharing stories enriched with lessons and wisdom, a bird in a tree cried out. Grandfather uttered a word in the direction of the bird and the bird fell from the tree, dead. Malidoma was alarmed by this and asked Grandfather why he did what he did and his reply was that the bird uttered something disrespectful.

Reflected in this event, as with the case of Emoto’s work with Water, is the intimacy shared between Humanity and Nature and the power of language to express that intimacy.

Whether these examples defy your logic and seem implausible, at best, is beside the point. I cite them here to illustrate the power of the word and the degree to which it can and does impact ourselves and our world.

We can create or destroy with the power of the word. Our word possesses its own intrinsic integrity, impacting us, our lives, and our world through the mechanism of causation that operates with our conscious awareness and without it.

To be conscious of its power, to be aware of your power, and to consciously operate AS THAT POWER, with integrity and vision, is your calling to be the creator of the life you desire, fulfilling the purpose you are here to fulfill.

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