How the Word Becomes Flesh – Part I

In my previous post, The Word Becomes Flesh, I offered an alternative way of reading a well-known text (John 1:1-5, 14) in the Judeo-Christian bible. The point of my post was not to stir up controversy or to affirm or refute any truth. My purpose was to show how one could read this passage, or any other text, especially sacred text, with inspiring imagination and derive relevant meaning and be empowered by it.

At the end of that post I wrote, ”My next post will cover the power of your word, how the word becomes reality (flesh), and how to align with your word so that you can create what you want – effectively, consistently, powerfully, and with integrity.”

Now I will share a bit of the mechanics of how to make your word a living reality. I share based on experience, and as I continue experimenting and experiencing I will continue sharing.

When I wrote the post, Your Self vs. Your Identity, on Friday night, 6/22/12, I scheduled it to be posted the next morning of 6/23/12 at 9am. On Friday night I had a total of 3 followers. By he time I logged into my account at 11am on 6/23/12, I had 130 followers.

Must be a mistake, I thought. (Amazing how quick we are to dismiss and discredit our achievements and our Selves!). I checked my site stats and sure enough, I had picked up 127 followers between the time the post went up (@ 9am) to when I checked the site (@ 11am). 127 followers picked up in the space of 2 hours.

There have been other breakthroughs as well in recent days, weeks and months. Why? What has caused these breakthroughs in my relationship, my pursuit of my passion and purpose (writing – I wrote my first book, The Acorn of Life, and 4 children’s books; Transformational Coaching & Energy Work; reviving my T-shirt company, Thoughtwear Global); and increased awareness, focus and activity in the area of my transformation?

I will not go into any of the circumstantial stuff, like making a connection or attending a course or quitting a job to focus 100% on writing and pursuing my purpose. Instead, I’m going to share the more accessible, energetic underpinnings that any one reading this blog can begin putting into motion at this very moment.

First, your word carries great power. With it you can create new possibilities and birth new realities; you can elevate a reputation or destroy it; you can make someone laugh or make them cry; you can inspire or merely impress; you can honor or deceive; you can heal or make ill; you can seduce or set free.

(And these are things we do without realizing it or with keen awareness and clear intention).

The word is a great power and the tongue, therefore, a tremendous tool. Thus, the master of the tongue is the heart and the heart’s servant, the mind. What we say is the workmanship of the Soul.

When I was a boy growing up in the South Bronx, my Father would say I was ‘stupid’, a ‘dummy’, ‘lazy’, a ‘girl’, and that I would ‘grow up to be a bum’. As a child I took his words and made them my truth. Throughout my life I felt useless, stupid, intellectually inferior, and a lazy nobody.

I learned to compensate by appearing smart so I’d read a lot; or by working hard at a job….until I quit that job not long after starting (the longest job I’ve ever held was for 5 years as a Teacher’s Aide in a Special Education program in NY); or by fantasizing about being somebody rich, famous, or significant so as to feel like a ‘somebody’.

So as not to feel like a ‘girl’ I became highly promiscuous, having sex with more women than I can name and bringing many women to orgasm to affirm my manhood and to feel powerful. At the same time I was intensely drawn to spiritual matters, from the age of 6, and often used words to appear spiritually minded as well as to seduce….and both too, mingling the Christ and the Casanova for redemption and pleasure. I even forged a character out this merger, the ‘Womanizing Priest’ (my first aspiration in life was to become a priest).

In hindsight, I was living without integrity. And admitting a lack of integrity and then working to restore integrity was and is a first and crucial step toward power.

(By the way, I now know what my Father was saying to me – he was saying, ‘I love you’ in his own, damaged way. Whenever I made a mistake he would say these things to me as his way of saying, ‘Son, I don’t want you to screw up your life and be a nobody. I don’t want you to live life like me. I don’t want you to feel about yourself the way I feel about myself’. Only now do I understand this and can let go of the stories I built around his words).

By integrity, I attach no moral dimension to the word. Not at all. In other words, operating with no integrity did not make me a ‘bad’ person and if you are operating with no integrity you are not ‘bad’.It only means that you are operating with no integrity in the same sense that a bridge might lack structural integrity and if the bridge lacks integrity then it’s not fit to serve the purpose for which it was made. Or if a bicycle tire is missing half of its spokes then it, too, lacks integrity and cannot be used for its intended purpose.

The bridge is not a ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ bridge nor is the tire a ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ tire because of a lack of integrity. However, they have limited or no use, and what use they might have, or that might be forced out of them, only endangers the people using them.

Make sense? Good.

So the first step, again, is to admit your lack of integrity, to admit where and how you have been a fake, a fraud, a hypocrite; or admit how you’ve been playing small, very small and very, very ordinary. In other words, get real about where you have been unreal.

That’s what I did. I had to get honest about where I was being dishonest – lying, stealing, cheating, womanizing, while hurting others in the process because I was not truly there for them as a friend, as a partner, as father, as a son, as a brother. I did whatever I wanted to do and in doing so I had absolutely no power to make the life I wanted to make – a powerful life, a life I could love. In fact, I hated my life while pretending that everything was ‘A-ok’. Bull! I was pretending and then pretending not to be pretending!

So your first step, if you truly want to live life powerfully, freely, with aliveness and full self-expression, if you truly want to perform at your very best and highest is to get honest, get real, and stop the charade.

Why is this so important? Remember the examples of the bridge and the bicycle tire? They are of no use without integrity. However, WITH integrity they are not only useful, they have a powerful impact on people and society!

The bicycle tire, with complete integrity, gives people the opportunity to have fun, travel, sight-see, or get in shape. With integrity, the bicycle tire can offer a child the experience of freedom and independence, empowering that child with a skill and a memory that lasts a lifetime.

The bridge, with complete integrity, offers society the opportunity to travel over a river in a minute by car when it used to take 30 minutes by boat. The bridge allows for efficient commerce, time-saving travel, and sight-seeing adventure. The bridge inspires dreams and possibilities in the mind of the aspiring engineer for whom bridge-building is art and science spinning together in a dance of form and functionality.

Integrity is everything if you are going to access your inner powers to create, to impact, to inspire. Integrity is everything if you are going to live life as your true Self and not an assumed identity that is passing itself as YOU, forever trying to compensate for feelings of inadequacy and incompleteness.

Take inventory of your life – whom have you hurt, deceived, stolen from, cheated, gossiped about, maligned? Go to them and admit what you did.

Just the thought of it makes you shudder in fear and you shrink back from the call to courage! Know this – that fearful coward is NOT YOU, it is not your SELF! That is the counterfeit you who wants to remain hiding in the shadows of the dark, avoiding the light of exposure. Hidden in the dark is where your Identity derives its power, and it is false, cheap power.

It is the power of the thief who steals at night so as to be seen, hoping for the brief, cheap gratification of a ‘score’; it is the false power of the religious hypocrite who appears holy to the congregation while sinning secretly, knowingly, in the closet; it is the false power of the womanizer who seduces Women with pleasing words and magnetic charm only to repeat the pattern of pleasure-seeking because he is never satisfied, never at peace.

This is who fears the admission – that thing you have become that is not real; that thing that you thought you controlled when in reality it has been controlling you all along like a pathetic puppet pulled on a strings of lies.

Reclaim your integrity, regain access to the power of you word. Stop playing it safe, stop playing small, stop playing around.

This is your life at stake, and that ain’t nothin’ to play with!

(In my next post I will share with you on how to align with your word because, in fact, you are your word; and how to align with your Self by being your word in order to access the power of your Self and your word).

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