The Power of the Self

Thought for the Day:

Great men are true men, the men in whom nature has succeeded. They are not extraordinary – they are in the true order. It is the other species of men who are not what they ought to be.
~ Henri Frederic Amiel ~

To be fully Human is to be free and fully expressed as a Human Being without the measure of norms and comparative statistics. You start with your Self, your authentic Self, which comes by way of recovery, and you end with your Self.

Why recovery? Because we have been living from the context of identity, formed by the hands of past experiences, beliefs, agreements, and conditioning. The true Self – the Universal, Christ, Buddha, genius, acorn – remains buried in the coffin of identity.

Who are you? To this question is offered many answers – a Mother, Father, Democrat, attorney, Latino, African-American, Christian, Muslim, atheist, entertainer, Transcendentalist, writer, producer, blogger, freedom-fighter, revolutionary, pacifist, thief, etc. All of these speak to identity which comes by acquisition. We were none of these when we were infants.

What is the Self, then? It is nothing, it is everything. Self shows up in all identities and is none of the identities that show up (in the course of a lifetime). Self is the Power and the Life within. Because it is nothing it is free to be anything. Because it is everything it is freed from being nothing.

Self is fully expressed as All.

What, then, about the One (individual and collective)?
As the collective One, it is All, everything, everyone.
As the individual One, it is whatever you determine – not as identity, which is decided upon from pre-existing options; simply as your word, what you choose, because you say so.

For identity, the past is the starting point, the frame of reference. You refer back to the past for your determinations and what you find in the future is….the past.

For Self, the future is the landscape of possibilities to choose and define, and the present is all there is for action.The past does not exist (unless, and solely if, you keep bringing it up through language, by talking about it).

Start from nothing, speak your word into that void of nothing, then create the life you want. This is the power of the Self.

2 responses to “The Power of the Self

  1. Sariyd you always seem to capture my attention through your words. You are a true writer in the sense of the word. Keep inspiring yourself, and while you do so we also inherently benefit as well.
    Filipe Da Silva


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