Each Of Us Has Our Own Leaf

There is no one way to do things. There is not even a best way to do things. It does not exist, never did, never will.

Absolutes, norms, and standards are part of the illusion of comparison and of right vs. wrong, this vs. that. All they do is set us up to fail or succeed by false measures.

You are one person. I am another. The next person you see is another. And there are over 6 billion more on earth. Each one us has the capacity and inherent abilities to live creatively, uniquely, originally.

There is one way for you. There is another way for me.

There is a best way for you. There is another best way for me.

No two people are alike in all ways. Clones don’t exist except in bioengineering labs where the individual soul is not valued, never taken into account. Carbon copies and photocopies are produced by machinery. Think about that.

When we make efforts to be like someone else, whether in looks, fashion, lifestyle, personality, or even a shining noble character, we lose the opportunity to discover our own uniqueness and find our own path. What works for one soul will not work for another.

When we compare ourselves to another, we feel the false pride of superiority or the needless pain of inadequacy.

It’s not that we can’t be inspired by another. We can. Inspiration is simply feeling the resonance of greatness within our own soul. But inspiration is there to help us  originate, not imitate.

I’m sure most of us have followed the path and way of another at some point in life. This is natural, especially as children. When we are children, not fully formed or developed, we imitate others in our conscious life. But our dreams while asleep and our imaginations while awake are personal and unique to each of us. In the inner life of dreams and imagination the original soul comes alive. The soul is complete.

Imitation results from being incomplete, not fully formed. Think about that.

This is one of the lessons I gleaned when the Spirit of the Trees shared, “We are different from one another yet we do not compete for the sun light. Each of us has its own leaf yet the birds build their nests in all of us equally.” (https://healingvoyage.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/the-trees-speak/)

No need to compete for primacy or even for resources. We’re all different, all unique, yet equal in value by the measure of the soul. In the family of Nature each of us has our own leaf.

When you truly come into your own, fully formed and freed, you shed the skin of conformity, unoriginality, and imitation. You find the path that bears only your name. You follow the way meant only for you.

You become the person you always were.

This is your one way, your best way. It was in you all along.

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