A Dream: You Made It Just In Time

I’ll relate to you a dream I had about 16 yrs ago.

I was sent on a mission to retrieve a book. Who sent me on this mission I cannot say, I do not recall. As I journeyed on my quest for this book I came upon a cottage. It was white and unadorned. The cottage sat in the country, in a green field on a sunny day.

I went up to the window and peered inside. In the kitchen was a small table and on the table sat the book that I was to retrieve. Immediately after seeing the book a monster appeared from around the corner of the cottage. The beast was sort of like a half Tyrannosaurus Rex, half dragon, and it charged after me. I ran from the beast as it chased me in circles around the cottage.

When I had the chance I dashed into the cottage through the back door that opened directly into the kitchen, grabbed the book and rushed out in a frantic hurry. The beast chased after me as I ran furiously away but it gave up after a short distance.

I arrived at a building where I was to take the book. I entered what seemed like a lobby. Inside, an angelic being quite taller than me stood. He was a being of the brightest white light with a beautiful, noble face. I approached him and handed the book to him. He took the book and then looked at what appeared to be some kind of watch on his wrist as I stood in nervous, silent wait.

Solemnly, he said, “You made it just in time.”

Before I could even feel my relief I heard a thunderous chorus of “Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!!”

I looked in the direction from where it came. There was a staircase and on the stairs were 2 lines of people – one on the left side and the other on the right. They were ecstatic that I had made it – they were genuinely happy for me. They were people of all backgrounds and every one of them was dressed in a long white robe. I joined them on line; I don’t recall if I stood on the left or right line. In any case, I was the last one on line.

We then started to ascend the stairs.

The stairs seemed to go on forever. When I finally reached the top I stood with the assembly in silence. Before us was a pair of huge doors that formed an arch. There was no sound, no motion.

Then, without notice, the huge doors began to part at the middle where they met, opening very slowly and swinging toward us. As they opened, the brightest, most intense light flooded through the opening from the inside (but the light did not hurt my eyes). The assembly of people began entering. As I neared the huge entryway I could see inside a bit – it seemed to be some kind of enormous chamber, larger and higher than any cathedral or open court and along the wall, opposite the doors through which I was about to enter, were tiers upon tiers of balconies along the entire vast height and width of the wall. I could make out that there were people, or beings of some kind, seated on these balconies. It was so bright inside that everything seemed to be composed of pure white light.

The moment I reached the threshold to enter……I woke up.


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