Learning to Listen Again

Solomon is a zen baby. He is always at peace, quietly immersed in his moments of being a baby. Caroline and I find parenting very easy because of Solomon’s lovely disposition and our teamwork (although, I have to admit that our teamwork is 85% Caroline, 15% percent me, and 100% Solomon).

Last week, however, on August 23rd, Solomon was anything but peaceful. The morning went smoothly as usual. I was in my home office working and Caroline was upstairs mothering Solomon. At some point, don’t know when, early afternoon I’m guessing, Solomon could not be put down in his baby rocker without him crying in fits of agitation. Only when he was in his mother’s arms or mine was he ok. This continued throughout the entire day into the night.

At around 3:30pm on that afternoon my mother called to ask if I had heard about the earthquake in NY, where she lives. I hadn’t. Even though I work online I had not checked out any news.

‘It scared me,’ she said, with the anxiety still obvious in her voice. ‘It was a 5.9.’

I quickly went to news site and sure enough there was a quake that rocked D.C., New York, even as far north as Boston. I had no idea.

I hung up the phone after our talk and continued working. Later, well into the night, I joined Caroline and Solomon. The baby was still in fits, but only when Caroline attempted to put him down.

It then struck me that the possibility of Solomon in some way sensing the disturbance of the earthquake was behind his extreme agitation. I cannot, of course, say this with 100% certainty but I don’t believe in coincidences. And if animals can sense subtle energetic shifts and disturbances, even before an actual event, then who’s to say Solomon didn’t.

In fact, I believe we all have this innate sense of things that fall outside of the realm of 5-sensory perception. And through many factors, which can be summed up as the distracting, disruptive elements of modern living, we become disconnected from our intuition. Intuition can atrophy if not tapped and exercised regularly.

However, intuition can be revived in us as well. Time, commitment, diligence, and open-mindedness are needed but it can happen. I should know, because I had to learn, or re-learn, to listen in this way again. Yet, I too fall into the dizzying pace of modernity so that I grow relatively insensible to more subtle transferences of thought and energy.

My intuitive sense is always strongest whenever I live, or at least remain for a time, in the country in the midst of natural surroundings. It is more than the quiet and ease of being among the denizens of Nature. I believe that more than the physical surroundings, it is the spiritual or energetic womb which make me more predisposed to subtle receptivity and non-sensory awareness and communication. Being closer to my origin of being in terms of the pristine energetic web of consciousness woven among the trees, flowing waters, uncultivated earth, and wild animals bring me into closer  touch with that part of me that breathed, and still does, before this earth-bound life.

Essentially, I am born again in Nature, an infant in perpetuity. Solomon, like all children, represent the wild and free in all of us who have grown up and maybe lost touch. I learn, and more often remember, so much from observing Solomon and imbibing the pure waters of his life. He reminds me what it means to live in the moment, to see, hear, and absorb each falling grain of time’s sand with total wide-eyed awareness and receptivity.

I am revived and learning to listen again.


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