The Soul of Solomon

In the 3 months since my son, Solomon, was born I have learned so much from him. Witnessing his being and his growth, day by day, moment to moment, there is no shortage of wonder and inspiration.

Caroline and I celebrate his smallest achievements – ‘Look how he grabbed the cloth with 2 hands!’; ‘Listen! He’s mimicking the sound of the crow!’; ‘He’s holding his head up on his own!’; ‘He coos so beautifully!’.

Wonders never cease and our amazement grows with every loving notice of his unfolding. Solomon, I noticed, has an awareness and understanding of what he beholds that are clearly communicated through his eyes. I sense his knowing. I recognize its feel. While true that he does not have the verbal language skills to express his thoughts, they, with his communication, are no less keen.

It’s up to me to attune my hearing, my listening, to open wider my receptivity to the language and song of his soul. Because it’s there – the words may not be, but the meaning is; the lyric may not be heard, but the poetry is being written; the melody may yet remain unformed, but the rhythm can be felt.

Solomon is teaching me to listen again; to feel again; to see again. He’s teaching me to feel my way through the sea of silence, to see the sun in its depths, to move fluidly, with grace, in the liquid stillness. In his presence, tomorrow has no meaning; only the moment is present while the eternal remains our domain. Heaven comes alive in ways that no book, no church, no god can come even close to offering.

Solomon’s life, his soul, are his alone; and mine I give freely, willingly, for him. My heart overflows with the inundation of unspeakable love, its overflow pours from my eyes, and my seeing feels born again.

As I celebrate his accomplishments I learn that life is more than just having big dreams and big achievements and going after them; it’s more about recognizing what you have, what you are and being at peace with it. I still have aspirations, it’s just that I’ve learned to accept all things as they are.

Solomon’s soul crystallizes the wisdom whispered to me by Spirit. The unmanifest is made manifest, the ineffable finds expression, and the dark becomes the light through the soul of Solomon.


One response to “The Soul of Solomon

  1. This is lovely,I love the way you see ,feel and write about Solomon .I can close my eyes and revisit those moments….what a beautiful,soul and gift we have…… .


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