A Comment Re-Posted from Thomas Moore’s Blog

This post is actually my comment to a blog post by Thomas Moore (http://careofthesoul.net/2011/08/be-yourself/), author of Care of the Soul, Original Self: Living with Paradox and Originality, The Education of the Heart, and other books. 

Ten years ago I did away with the religion, and god, I had acquired along my life’s journey of shifting beliefs in search of truth. It was not easy to do; in fact, it was very painful to give up the identity I had invested so much time and sacrifice into creating and losing my marriage and community on top of it.

I had questions and doubts I could no longer ignore and used the intelligence Creator blessed me to use to go in a different direction. I dwelt in the shadowy realm of questions without answers, and unresolved doubts, and still do with respect to some things. And that, I realized, was integral to my growth – to not insist on answers or statements of faith when the question, and doubt, can offer so much more.

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