Stay in Flow

As I begin writing this sentence I am one person, one expression of life, and by the time I finish writing this sentence I have already changed and shed some of what I was at the beginning and hence, am someone different even if only by the slightest degrees.

To illustrate on one level, cells have died and others were birthed in the time that I write this; moments have come and gone; memories have been filed and new ones created. Entire lifetimes are exhausted at minute levels of our individual and collective beings and with that comes a shift at every second, minute, day, and year….into eternity.

Time becomes irrelevant as the point of these life transitions and exchanges is more life and with that an accompanying expansion of awareness, of seeing, of feeling, of reaching, and even of returning takes place…..often at levels hidden from our conscious awareness!

Do our thoughts, our beliefs, our paradigm reflect this flow of life which, like a river, offers a change of scenery and of views as we travel along its current? Are we flowing, shifting, inching forward in the journey of Life?

As long as the river is flowing it cannot freeze. Nature shows us this natural phenomenon and we can learn from its object lesson to gain insight into ourselves and our path.

Am I frozen, stuck, on certain emotions, beliefs, or habits? Am I ‘frozen in time’, continually acting out past pains, past events, past expectations that cannot be undone, retrieved, or fulfilled, respectively? Am I not looking ahead, pressing forward toward an inspired vision that gives direction and purpose to my present efforts?

Just as water becomes colder, denser, heavier as it freezes so does life for us when we are not in our flow.

I can remember times in my life when I was not in flow and the symptoms of being stuck. I don’t express creatively (writing, photographing, sex, for example); I don’t eat well or exercise; I neglect my spiritual life; I don’t dream, or rather, I don’t remember my dreams. For me, these are signs that I am not in flow. Then I go within for the guidance and take action.

You know what the symptoms are for you when your life doesn’t flow. Things don’t feel ‘right’. YOU don’t feel ‘right’. And even though change, transition, evolution are still taking place within you (remember your cells?) the YOU of you remains stuck and your soul remains ‘frozen in time’ as it were.

So let us remember that Life continues expressing, shifting, evolving whether we do or not. Life sustains us and supports us and will give us more energy and more power if we work towards a higher vision and purpose, thereby increasing our capacity for increased energy and power.

Then, we will not only experience but with wonder, awe, and gratitude bear witness to our life’s progression and the manifestation of the Hidden Life Power that expresses in us, through us, AS US.

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