My Own Unfinished Work

Earlier today I was reflecting on a recent relationship – the doings of it while in it and the way it ended.

I knew, in spite of appearances to others, especially since we were the ‘it’ couple of our community, that it was a relationship whose bond was based on certain mutual interests and not on the fearless opening of the heart to love, to one another, and as such was tenuous at best.

I felt I was ready for love, and truly I was, but I could not help but think, reflecting as I often do, that I experienced a mirror image of myself – a self unknown, hidden, that needed to come to light because of my commitment to my growth, and my love and respect for truth.

Even in the midst of what I knew was a dead relationship I listened for the whispers of truth revealing the shadows in my own being that I observed in my partner at the time, and often resented her for. I knew that the twisted, garish dishonesty I saw in her was only an echo of my own unfinished work.

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