How To Enjoy Pain-Free Workouts

Ok, so you have not done a single push-up in years, your belly has grown into a portable armrest (great for relaxing in front of the TV!), and your butt now has its own zip code – yipeeeeee!

But now you’ve met that special someone, or you found the bikini of your dreams (the one that will bring your sexy back), or you’re just plain ol’ tired of working up a greasy sweat every time you have to lift your bum-bum off the couch….and you’ve now decided it’s time to put on the long-neglected sweat suit and get your butt moving!

But before you go from “I will do it” to “I’m doing it!” you remember how sore and stiff you will feel when you get back into workout mode and suddenly you find ways to make peace with your butt and belly….after all, isn’t Buddha always depicted with a smile as big as his belly??

Well, I have some good info for you – your gain does not have to come with so much pain. The simple solution lies in Sodium Bicarbonate – that’s right, plain ol’ Baking Soda (NOT Baking Powder!!!).

I can attest, from experience, to the benefits of this under-utilized household wonder.

You see, the achy, stiff muscles that plague us when we workout are the result of a buildup of lactic acid in our muscles – or so it was once thought. Now we are told that the soreness is a result of actual muscle damage incurred during exercise and the subsequent buildup of fluid within the torn muscles. The lactic acid is a by-product of this process but not the cause of the soreness.

After so many years of being told it was the lactic acid buildup in our muscles we are now told that’s not it.

Whatever the exact cause, I know how to avoid the muscle soreness to make working out pain-free.

Back in 2009 I resumed an exercise regimen after several years of no strenuous activity, otherwise known as physical exercise. But I was sorely afraid (yes, it’s a pun, and yes it was intended – don’t ever believe that a thoughtfully placed pun was unintended!) of the muscle aches and stiffness that I knew would follow. And personally, the axiom of ‘no pain, no gain’ just doesn’t cut it for me because I’m a normal Human Being who seeks the path of least resistance. I try to remain true to my natural makeup of 75% water – and we know that water always follows the path of least resistance, right?.

Anyway, I did a bit of research into Baking Soda’s many benefits and uses and reasoned that its acid-cutting properties might help me avoid the pain that follows exercise. And I was right!

Immediately before and after each workout I consumed 1 tsp of ALUMINUM-FREE Baking Soda in 12 oz. of water (pure, filtered). I drank this immediately before going to work out and immediately after returning home from working out.


It is important that you start this before your very first workout. If you don’t then you will feel the aches, in which case you just rest however many days you need to in order for the soreness to go away and then you can resume the workouts with the Baking Soda.

I use Bob’s Red Mill Aluminum-Free Baking Soda. Actually, in my home we use MANY of Bob’s Red Mill products (baking soda, oats, lentils, beans, quinoa, etc) because they are ORGANIC and because the company is EMPLOYEE-OWNED – that’s what I’m talking about!

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