How To More Meaningfully View Christ

Unfettered consciousness is, lives, and expresses in you, through you, as you. Consciousness, unbound in possibilities of expression, nevertheless says in relation to expressing through you, ‘I go only as far, as high, as wide as you allow.’

So then, who directs this arrangement? Who is at command? You.

This is not say that other spheres do not have their influence upon you and events in your life – they do. However, it is your will and initiative that directs the flow of the life-energies that comprise you and channel through you.

What is needed? What is desired? What gets left behind? How do I see? What do I seek? Why am I here? You choose the answer to what, how, and why. You alone can say.

In this sense you are a center of creativity, a center of imagination, a center of the universe. What you allow, is, and what you don’t, is not. And time is not measured according to your reckoning but in its own time in the unfolding of the seasons of your life and rhythm. All driven by points of choice and choices made.

This is the meaning in the narrative of Christ. Christ is unfettered essence within you, through you, as you. Christ is your eternal life, light, and love living in you, through you, as you. Christ is not your savior but your essence, your nature.

To believe in Christ, to follow Christ, to be one in Christ – these are fulfilled not by Christ returning but by Christ emerging.

When we all choose to go in the same direction – within – we are baptized in waters of deeper consciousness. We experience light – 3rd eye illumination, waves of love, waves of gratitude, compassion, kindness, honesty, integrity, forgiveness, healing, creativity, inspiration, understanding, empathy, joy, pleasure, etc.

Cultivating a connection with the inner light (Christ) – through silent listening (‘meditation’), through silent speaking (‘prayer’), through silent works (service, art, music, dance, poetry, gathering) – deepens the immersion into your own being, the being of All, the being of One, thus deepening the experience of life, love and gratitude.

Shining as such you become a light in the world and ‘a fisher of men’ by pointing them to their inner light and inner life. As a result of your light, multitudes once blind might now see and may choose to follow not you or any other person but follow their own inner light – Christ within.

The depiction of the death of Jesus and the subsequent resurrection as Christ represents the transformation from a being subject to death to one whom death cannot touch. This is transition, through choice, from a being identifying with the physical and temporal (carnal nature) to a being identifying with the spiritual and eternal (Christ nature).

This change in identification reflects an expanding consciousness, an expansive way of seeing, of thinking, of being in this world. The expansion of your consciousness, of your seeing, from a universe and self of 3 dimensions and 3 states to one of infinite possibilities of being, expression, and arrangement is the first fruit of the redemption of sight, thought, and being. This expansion engenders love, gratitude, understanding, acceptance, healing, greater possibilities, regeneration, renewal, and recreation.

What is needed on Easter and every other day is to redeem the Christ from the limitations imposed by a literal, historical rendering to the truly regenerative principles of Christ as our essential nature and personal, mythological narrative.

This is the light that lights every child that comes into the world. Redeeming the Christ narrative ensures the growth of this light and expansion of unfettered consciousness.

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