How To Restore Human Familyhood

Have you noticed how many  in the West, in your neighborhood, in your memories, have identified paternal siblings as ‘half-brother’ half-sister’, while identifying maternal siblings as brother and sister and non-blood related ones as ‘step-brother,’ ‘step sister’?

Now let’s widen the circles of relation to all Humans – do we view one another as family or as unrelated strangers? Do we form bonds with one another based on our shared Humanity or do we remain divided amongst ourselves in national and tribal clusters?

Could this be a reflection of something buried deep in the western subconscious within which traditionally resides a conception of god as ‘Father’ not ‘Mother’?

Could our ascribing to ‘God the Father’ the virtues intrinsic to Motherhood, like nurturing and compassionate, be as warped in its effects as a father attempting to breastfeed a baby? Could it be that by restoring the Motherhood of Creator we might restore the intimate bonds of family among all peoples?

And if so, if this possibility, however remote, could be realized according to its imagined potential, the potential that incubates within the balancing grace and compassion inherent in Mother, then doesn’t it become necessary to include the recognition and participation of the Feminine Aspect of Creator??

For this to happen we Humans must allow ‘God’ to evolve. Due to our static view of Source, that which we have come to identify as the creative Principle (or Person) behind all that is, ‘God’ has not fulfilled His greatest potential – and that is Her!

Surely, if ‘God’ were a person, ‘God’ would not be too pleased that the same old issues and derivatives of fear, selfishness, and greed abound in human conditions and transactions. History and myth speak clearly and convincingly on this in an abundance of cautionary tales  but we do not heed their warnings. I have to believe that ‘God’ as ‘Person’ feels torn – having all this wasted potential of healing and creative power to apply effectively to the world’s ills and not fulfilling its need and desire for full expression. This creates internal schism, tension, and war.

This is why I cannot subscribe in any way to the beliefs or system of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, or Buddhism whose externalizations of the internal, and reverence for these externalizations, are easily confused as the substance of spiritual expression. Externalizations, synonymous with objectification and personification, run the extreme risk of our reflections of them being only as deep and alive as our perceptions of them, thus rendering us the same as our ideas of personages and events which are almost always a projection of our own conceptions.

Therefore, when I say we must allow ‘God’ to evolve it is exactly as stated because ‘God’, whatever our personal conception of this idea, is the externalization of our highest ideals. ‘God’ can go only as high and as far as we allow and doing so might free us and lighten us enough to give higher loft to our ideals and greater depth to our actions.

Symbiotically, ‘God’s’ ascension becomes our own in a mutual yield of love, grace, and compassion which is simply yet most truthfully measured by our actions toward women, children, men, animals, plants, lands, waters, and skies and all phenomena related to each. Setting forth clear principle, clear actions and policies will follow.

We, better yet, I, must examine, re-examine, and revisit the beliefs, constructs, and agreements I have accepted and nurtured throughout life as these serve as markers by which I can examine my defining self. Doing so makes it possible for someone else to do the same, not in the same way or to the same exact conclusion yet with harmony of spirit and intention. Doing so will make it possible for us to call one another ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ sincerely and fruitfully through Mother and Father and Grandmother and Grandfather.

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