Eternal Enchantment

Eternal enchantment, eternally loved,
beauty-inspired generations
vibrate in your womb
as you nurse the milk of life;
you lack nothing, you are complete, whole,
like unity-circles of unity-songs;
you are rich as lovers’ fruits
and sweeter than the juices
that moisten lovers’ lips;
your locks are perfumed by jasmine breezes,
your feet kissed by morning  dew;
you speak life in every breath,
truth in every word;
when you laugh the oceans dance,
hearts smile in memories still living;
you are the storehouse of life,
abundant, your grains of love
filling every soul,
widening every smile;
your eyes run playfully over your lovers
guarding over your children,
seeing inside all,
piercing the shadows;
you are undaunted by ceaseless cycles of life,
time proves to be your friend,
both your faithful allies;
the ancestors see you,
you hear them in the winds
that whisper in your dreams;
you are their child
but you are your own Woman;
none can offer counsel to your conclusions
because you give Wisdom her place,
the head of the table;
songs of praise drape you
in melodies of purple silk
and crown you with white lotus petals
softer than a breath;
you fill your days with grace and gratitude
and with honor fortify them;
you are the Mother of life,
the bearer of all blessings;
from you healing waters flow
in currents of kindness;
you inspire the divine in man and in poetry
with your way or with your lyric;
you come only with an embrace
when the way is sure,
the path safe,
your faith secure;
your steps are measured in time
though you care not,
you dwell in eternity,
transcendent youth sublime;
you dwell here in our midst,
you bounce upon light,
weave through each song,
see through each eye,
and grow in each smile;
you thump djembe rhythms,
whistle the flute of celebration,
I hear you coo in kalimba lullabies;
you are creation-song,
poet’s inspiration,
bright illumination,
presence divine;
you gave birth to life
giving life to all;
you are the breath of Earth,
friend to all,
Mother Africa.

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