One day you will take your last breath on Earth; make this day the starting point of your planning for and investment in the future.

I took this ironic photo at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. If you’re ever in New York and you’re into cemeteries, for whatever reason, then I strongly recommend visiting this beautiful retreat of soul. As for the photo, study it well and meditate on it.

As for what I mean by the above admonition, I am simply saying that whether we are here on Earth for one life cycle or a thousand we are bound by a linear time structure – we’re born, we grow, we age, we die.

It’s unavoidable, and it may be a hidden blessing but not for the reason that the world is too crazy a place to want to live in eternally or for a thousand years. Our limited time on Earth acts as a distiller, or at least it can. Mindfulness of our brief sojourn ought to inspire us to make the best and most of each moment, each kiss, each meeting, each breath, each tear. To squeeze from Life every drop of its juice and to taste each drop with an unquenchable tongue is the only way to satisfy our thirst for living.

Mindfulness of our exit can help introduce us to ourselves.


2 responses to “Exit

  1. “Mindfulness of our exit can help introduce us to ourselves”. I like that and wrote it down in my journal, with you as the author of course 🙂 I love to read your writings. I’ve always loved cemeteries. I find them peaceful. I like the irony of the picture above.


    • I’ve always liked cemeteries too! This picture I took in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. Did you know Miles Davis is buried there? Anyway, this photo is one of my favorites.


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