This is the Oneness

When I share that WE can heal ourselves of the ills and calamities that befall us I am understood by some to mean without the power and help of Creator. This is not the case.

Creator lives and expresses through us, as us. Lives through our life. Expresses through our imagination. Thinks through our thoughts. Speaks through our words. Does with our hands. Runs with our feet. Sees with our eyes.

As us.

And flies as the hummingbird; crawls as the worm; swims as the bowhead; breathes as the tree; flows as the stream; showers as the rain; spins as the Earth; warms as the sun.

As all.

To the extent, then, that we empower ourselves through oneness with Creator and through choice, resolve and action so we allow for greater and increased, or lower and decreased, expression of Creator through us. This is founded on the truth that we are One with Creator and Creation, as Creator and Creation.

If I view Creator as ‘god/God’, as a personified being apart from me and to whom I am reconciled only by the shedding of blood, or confession of sin, or the intervention of some other thing or process, then my belief in this separation assumes that unity with Creator is conditional. And if oneness with Creator is conditional, as it certainly is with ‘God’, than the unifying power of love, which births and facilitates oneness and unity, is also conditional.

And nothing is stronger in the universe than Love in bringing together any two beings. To set conditions on Love is to deny it the freedom of full expression and possibilities that She offers unconditionally to us.

Creator is Love unconditional. Love absolute. The Source and Substance of All.

That is represented symbolically, and mistakenly taken literally, in the death on the cross.

That God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son [and whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life].’  (I use brackets around the text to highlight an idea that would be added to the original intent by editors with an agenda.)

God’s love for the world was so great that he was willing to part with his only Son and make a bloody sacrifice of him like an animal in order to fulfill the required penance of so grievance a sin as disobedience by Adam and Eve. And the Son’s love for mankind was so great and unconditional that he himself was willing to come to Earth to live, suffer and die as a human, outcast, and criminal, respectively. This act of sacrifice repairs the breach and restores the oneness between God and man.

This belief, firmly rooted in the mind that fully accepts it as literal truth, presents numerous intrinsic contradictions to the thinking mind, the sensitive soul, and compassionate heart.

One among many is the unintended irony that the religious system would take an act of unconditional love and make belief in it a requirement for eternal life of unconditional love and peace. You can enjoy the benefits of this unconditional love….on one condition.!

I once accepted this as truth in order to escape what I believed (via agreement) to be the wrath of a vengeful (but loving and forgiving!) god who will destroy his enemies of non-believers.

The inherent contradictions in this kind of belief system neutralizes one’s energies and abilities as a Human expression of the Divine such that one remains powerless to resolve and correct one’s own issues and foibles.

And if I no longer subscribe to this or any other organized, faith-based (conditional) belief system, which I do not, and still find myself powerless in some area then it is up to me to reflect and to circumspect my soul for any residue of the old way of thinking while learning what more, and less,  is needed in the now and in the new.

Thus, I utilize my inborn abilities to help myself while giving thanks to Creator for working in me, through me, as me. This is the Oneness.

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