Brief Thought on Change

We solve all of humanity’s ills not by addressing and attempting to resolve the issues and challenges of our day on a broad, systemic level but by resolving them on the individual level with each person deciding for himself that he will commit to the needed personal change of perspective and behavior that impacts the systems in need of change.

We can eat a watermelon only one bite at a time. Our lives are guided by one choice at a time. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Any achievement is best undertaken in manageable increments. Even the immense landscape of evolutionary change happens by moments and molecules. Each unit is driven by its own intention within the guidelines of a sweeping vision.

Humanly derived religious, political, and economic systems attempt to work the same way but the people who head these systems today do not consult with Nature for wisdom and guidance nor with the counsel of wise predecessors. Their views and policies are too often defined by narrow interests and nearsighted vision. They initiate nothing that allows for the individual to find his way independently, as an individual, but only as a part of a larger group and agenda.

Inspiring visions are lacking and the modern man is so well-conditioned in group dynamics and identity that he can muster no personally inspired imagination to exercise for his or anyone else’s advancement.

The void of individuality gets filled by the shapeless filler of mass thought. It comforts, it does not challenge; it numbs, it does not excite; it dictates, it does not engage; it entertains, it does not inform.

The individual must reclaim his individuality and it is possible and necessary. Possible because there are universal laws that override human laws and systems. Necessary because the modern systems go against principles of freedom, justice, and advancement of the individual.

How to reclaim is up to you.

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