How Fear Can Be Good

Fear, understood and handled well, can be part of a wonderful feedback system to inform us of danger and of opportunities.

In terms of signaling opportunity fear can mean you’re ready, that now is the time with the door of opportunity swung wide open for you to simply, willfully, step through.

And the more fearful you are, the more ready you are for your entrance, your introduction, your opening bell.

Why? Because the manifestation that is imminent triggers the most fear.

Imagine for a moment that you are tied to train tracks and a train is coming, or at least you imagine it’s coming since it hasn’t yet arrived.

You are bound to the tracks unable to escape.

You are fearful of the possibility of the train coming and running over and through you.

Then you begin to hear it whistling and chugging down the track.

Your fear rises and intensifies as you try to escape.

Now the train is within sight, it’s here and your fear has turned to absolute terror.


Because what you once only imagined happening is now happening.

The unmanifest is now manifest.

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