soul’s light

when a thought
flashes in our minds,
such as a probing question,
a solution to a riddle,
or a newborn idea,
all the cells in our body
flash in unison
with the light of that thought.

the impulse to pursue
the fulfillment
of that thought
is the collective response to it.
a planned action develops
in the incubating mind
seeking to birth the thought.
every cell in our body
flashes with the energy
of that realization
and goes to work
in unison with
all other units and systems
to realize that thought
as directed by mind.

as each cell
in our body
is both a unit and a system
unto itself,
so each human
is a cell and a system
within the body of humanity.

the gestating realization
of what we are
will flash in the body of humanity
and we all will flash,
as the cells in our bodies do,
with the realization
of divinity in humanity,
as humanity,
as christ re-born,
laughing buddha,
emerging spirit,
transformed heart,
transcendent mind.

this is the light
of every soul
born into the world.


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