Let Us Rejoin

The signs and symptoms of the Newtonian paradigm, when held to the exclusion of any other worldview, obviate themselves throughout the modern, techno-god societies of the east and west.

The objectification of thought (a result of seeing all things as only matter and separate) casts many shadows –

– the personification of Source, aka, ‘God’
– denial of the spiritual and energetic dimensions
– identification with only the self via the ‘ego’
– marginalization of people
– repression of people
– the objectification of women (and consequently, the man and child)
– consumerism, imperialism, capitalism, communism, socialism, & all isms and schisms
– endless industrialization
– worship of technology
– the 3-dimensionality of working intelligence via the computer
– death of art
– the marginalization of indigenous wisdom
– denial of ritualistic magic
– denial of mysticism
– mystification of spirituality
– destruction of nature
– death of the individual….

Ironically, the individual does die, the one thing you’d think would remain preserved by newtonian separatism. The exclusive adherence to the newtonian paradigm, as in the construction of social, religious, political, educational and economic matrices, ultimately resists and denies creativity and variation out of fear of mutational threats by the individual.

The individual must be manufactured, then, a product of the conventional thought and a molded copy of the institutional person widely accepted and approved.

The remedy to this worldview and its fruits of shadow becomes apparent, then:

– the reclamation of what we are as the heart of  every thought, idea, perception and interaction
– re-journeying into the soul to mine it for all of its creativity and wisdom
– spending ample time in the contemplation of the Source, Substance and Oneness of all things seen and  unseen
– the pursuit of the arts
– communion with Nature in natural surroundings
– a rich prayer and meditation life
– enjoyment of loving and enriching sex
– awakening to and experimenting with consciousness and energy so as to develop a resume of experience and pool of knowing;
– carefully cultivating a rich dream life that is instructive;
– a diet rich in produce and devoid of products and processing; fresh air, exercise and fun.

– and say a blessing for Humanity and the Earth every day.

Let us rejoin as one.

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