Without Beginning or End

Is Creator the god of holy books??
The god of judaism/hebraism and the torah and talmud?
Or of christianity and the bible?
Or of islam and the quran?
Is Creator the gods of hinduism and the bhagavad gita?

Inasmuch as Creator lives and expresses in all, through all, as all, Creator is in them, not because of them. Spirit inspires all creativity and we channel that innate potential through the filters of thoughts, ideas, beliefs and intentions. Thus, concepts of things are formed, especially of things we don’t understand.

Why would people personify Creator then clothe the mutation with some of the basest Human modes of expression like anger, jealousy, vengeance, war and genocide?? this sort of thing is intended only to inspire fear, guilt and obedience (to what?).

Creator is seen and unseen in the presence of all things – invisibility through ubiquity. Through fluid omnipresence Creator hears all, feels all, expresses all as all.

Creator is One – not through individuality but through universality; not personified but unified.

How possible is it, then, to capture completely the source, substance, essence and omnipresence of All – that is, Creative Love, Creative Power, Creative Will, Creative Intelligence, Creative Expression and Creative Mystery – in a book!!?? (unless the book is properly understood to be a collection of myths, metaphors, and parables – not history).

Creator is immediate, tangible, sensible, accessible, expressible, evolving, unfolding……always, in all things, in all places.

We are our own holy book.

In other words, the life we live is a grand revelation and a grand mystery worthy of the closest examination and study. This is why Socrates said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” A conscious connection with ourselves, with nature, with the energy of life itself ensures a life of value no matter the social station occupied or attained. There is an intrinsic grand worth to our existence and Creator is the Source and Substance of the dynamic force vitalizing it.

Which is why I feel that a book can only serve as a cage, especially if we are never weaned from them.

The real risk of attachments to holy books (and books in general) is that Creator cannot evolve into the Substance of All as long as our minds’ conceptions remain limited within finite frameworks of dogmas, creeds and traditions.

We ought to have new light to shed on the holy books — our experiences offer us understanding and the kind of insightful vision needed to mine wisdom from our experiences and breathe greater life into any holy script.

This is not to say that holy books have nothing of value to offer because they do. but a beginning point is of no value without the next step.

Books provide anecdotes, dictates, mandates, moral rebates and a vicarious sense of the sacred but cannot offer experience. only experience can enrich the life and illuminate the chambers of mystery that enshroud our minds and populate our beliefs.

Neither can books offer us the deep mindfulness, soulfulness and awareness which comes by way of thoughtful reflection; deep intimacy with one’s self, with Nature, all things living and non-living; fruitful journeys into discovery and mystery without attachments to answers or preconceptions; and enriching rituals born from within.

The mysteriousness of all things, like the circle without beginning or end, is itself a consummation, a composition of seemingly separate parts that in fact are unified and overridden, ultimately, by a super-expansive, all encompassing super-conscious Oneness; and at the same time it is a continually improvisational dance of thought, feeling, will, intention, action, cause and effect within paradigms, structures and particles…..and without them. 

It is in this aliveness, in this Oneness that we find ourselves and Creator — in this super-vibrant, super-dynamic matrix of omni-dimensional beingness; not within the rigid walls of dogma and institutions but in the fluid, amorphous universe of consciousness, possibility and potential.


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