Observing the Substance

I AM is the Substance.

when engaged in photography i observe Source in Creation with mindfulness and silence. everything ceases….and everything comes alive. in my observing i focus in on that which resonates with my being, my seeing, my expressing. for resonance to take place i must be my expressing as a doorway to that moment and possibility of resonant seeing.

when writing i am expressing Source as observer of the images, scenes, feelings, words and actions through windows of imagining. all creative expression originates at Source and facilitated by the Substance of consciousness, thought and imagination. this being so, observing becomes a creative act.

i at times mistake the act of observing as a passive posture. it is not. the force of will is engaged, decisions made. initiative is itself an act. if not followed by action then it is merely an impulse.

no matter. observing is action. observing enacts.

observing happens by instinct, spontaneously, first without thought, then with. observing happens by the ever-present force of will. it is projecting as much as it is receiving. observing assigns being to the observed, first without thought, then with. observing is a law unto itself.

not observing does not deny the existence of the invisible. the ‘invisible’ is visible in other domains of seeing. observing is always observing itself.

observing is the infinite enfolding of Source as Substance.

we are of the Substance.

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