Expanding Light, Darkening Shadows

In yesterday’s post (Light, Shadow; Gandhi, Hitler) I mentioned the interaction of light and shadow (“In the physical world we see light and shadow interrelate. Soft light produces soft shadows. The brighter the light, the darker the shadows”).

When I see shadows of crimes, wars and rumors of war, ‘natural’ disasters, terrorism, ‘lethal’ viruses, and increased totalitarian tendencies by governments my soul hurts for Humanity….

I also see

that these dark shadows must be cast by a burgeoning light.

A light of higher thinking; truer feeling; spiritual awakening; common sense; understanding; compassion; peace; creativity; individual growth; expanding awareness; love; a new birth of consciousness.

I see the evidence of this growing light in gatherings of people here and there. We gather in the north, in the east, in the south and in the west. We gather for prayer, for meditation, for drumming, for dance, for poetry, for dinner, for brunch, for birthdays, for equinoxes and solstices,  for celebrations and support, for songs and for silence, for laughter and for love.

Each gathering, whether in Africa or the Americas or Asia or Europe, is a pocket of healing. Like the imaginal disks that form the butterfly (see Suicide and Butterflies), the gatherings of people for the purpose of enhancing and celebrating life serve the greater good of transforming the waters of pain into the wine of joy.

As the consciousness of light gathers and grows from brightness to brightness so will the shadows intensify. Yet, in this there is no cause for fear or anxiety. These are the birth pains which precede a new beginning.  The shadows will eventually dissolve in the air of full daylight.

Any woman (how blessed and wise is Woman!!) who is with child envisions only the joys, hopes and blessings of the birth experience and the life to follow. She knows there will be pain and discomfort during labor but this is not her focus — life and love are. The pains that accompany the labor are produced by the birth contractions of an emerging life. This natural occurrence suggests to my mind that the troubles we see intensifying in the world are the birth pains of the emerging birth of Divinity within Humanity.

(Note the word labor in connection with birth — the change we desire in the world requires full participation on our part, i.e., work — inner work [personal, individual] and outer work [collective, social]).

Nature (how blessed and wise is Nature!!) teaches another object lesson through the day-night cycle. The darkness of night is darkest before dawn. As the shift begins from night to day it happens gradually, by degrees. The sun does not spring up into the sky all at once. The emerging light of dawn eats away at the darkness of night little by little, moment by moment, a little here and a little there until the full light of day shines forth.

However, in the darkness there are no shadows as there is no light. Likewise, in the light there are no shadows for all is light.

How then are shadows produced? (I will attempt an answer to this question in tomorrow’s post).

Photo: photographybysariyd.com

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