Light, Shadow; Gandhi, Hitler

In the physical world we see light and shadow interrelate. Soft light produces soft shadows. The brighter the light, the darker the shadows.

I think about how this might apply in people.

What if Hitler, who has become in the minds of many a symbol of evil, had chosen to align himself with his light instead of his shadow – what possibilities may have arisen out of that quantum shift? Or what if Gandhi had chosen to align himself with his shadow instead of his light – what kind of monster could he have become??

Hitler viewed the economic and political problems of a suffering Germany, coupled with his personal struggles, and cast blame on people (Communists, Jews, etc). His answer was to propagate a sense of racial superiority and employ corporate and military resources to exterminate the ‘enemies’ of Germany and take over other countries by force.

Gandhi viewed the economic and political problems of India (and, first, of Indians in South Africa), coupled with the adversity he faced personally in S. Africa and then in India, and could have reduced the cause solely to Britain’s tyrannical treatment and rule of Indians. Gandhi, however, could see that among the preconditions giving rise to the possibility of such injustices were Indians’ views of one another (e.g., the caste system, views and treatment of women and the poor) and the embrace of violence as a means of resolving conflicts – personal, national and international. His answer was to advance the causes of social justice and a liberated India from British colonial rule by advocating radical non-violence, peaceful resistance and non-cooperation as political weapons and exhorting Indians to love (across ethnic and religious lines), personal discipline and dedication in order to cultivate inner spiritual strength.

Hitler chose to narrow his focus on pain, blame and opportunism; Gandhi chose to narrow his focus on healing, accountability and possibilities.

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