There is Never Loss

i do not ask
that you agree or disagree;
i ask only
that you see and that i see.

i am sure my path will continue to take me down unexpected avenues and into unseen realms. things i believed to be true when i was a child – like santa claus, the tooth fairy and you must always capitalize the personal pronoun ‘i’ and the beginnings of a sentences – i would understand to be either untrue or mere convention as i grew older. things i believed 20 years ago – beliefs framed within a literal christian worldview – i  understand now to be myth and, as such, more compelling and relevant.

because i understand that my life’s journey will always hold for me surprises and amazement (‘me’ being the inner child that never dies, who lives in an air of constant discovery and wonder) i know better than to get worked up about disagreements or disapproval or people’s view of or indifference toward me. of course, I prefer to be loved, liked and admired as these are healthful palliatives for the ego and soul, yet, in the end, i am not attached for i am not today what i will be tomorrow.

if i am not so attached to my own beliefs, of which i am conscious, that liberating myself from them would seem too painful to do, then i can afford to regard with the same light of understanding all else in my life, whether people, possessions or circumstances. my beliefs and my environment are subject to my unfolding. ultimately, there is never loss.

what matters is that my insight into myself yields fruits in my life. fruits of forgiveness, discernment, initiative, surrender, humility, sincerity, honesty, humor, and understanding. there are others. more important is that you gain insight into your own being as well, such that fruitfulness of personality and character along with a clear, though fluid, perceptiveness of matters develop.

in this way it would be difficult for us to err on any side. our spirits cannot disagree and insight leads us to this centered point of spirit. the minds we develop during our earth-life can be programmed, conditioned and blinded and thus, can believe and perceive along dissimilar channels.

the spirit, however, remains immutable throughout its unfolding and transcendent of all locales and circumstances. it is the same yesterday, today and forever.

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