Brief Reflection on Vibrational Healing

Vibrational healing is healing at the level of energy with the understanding that all matter is an expression of energy. We Human Beings, at the most elemental level, are made up of pure energy, vibration, information, thought – expressions of consciousness.

Everything we see, ourselves and everything around us, is energy at varying frequencies – the higher the frequency, the more subtle the matter; the lower the frequency, the denser the matter. Air vibrates at a higher frequency than water; rocks vibrate at a lower frequency then Humans; and so on.

When I effect vibrational healing I am getting closer to the nucleus of thought. Possibilities now expand or contract according to the thought.

One response to “Brief Reflection on Vibrational Healing

  1. Thank you 怎麼會這樣 for your support………I went to your blog site but found no postings……let me know when you start posting so I can check in on what you have to share.


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