Some Pepper, and Coal Waste, with Your Salad?

The U.S. government’s indifference to the well-being of its citizens keeps reaching new lows.

As reported by the Associated Press the White House, in concert with the coal industry, wants farmers to spread coal waste throughout their soil to loosen and fertilize it. The EPA claims that the waste, a by-product of the cleansing process which removes highly toxic sulfur dioxide from the emissions given off by the coal processing plants, poses no threat to humans, crops or surface water.

If it is true that the waste poses no threat to us or the environment, then why implement a process in the first place which removes the toxins from the plant’s emissions? The reason why is that the main component of acid rain is sulfur dioxide, and the evidence of the destructive effects of acid rain has been overwhelming.

The coal industry does not want to incur the added expense of waste removal and storage and would want nothing more than to make additional revenue by misleading farmers into believing the use of the coal waste in crops carries benefits. Coal waste, in addition to sulfur dioxide, contains mercury, arsenic, lead and other heavy metals. Ask yourself, what possible benefit could there possibly be in adding this combination of toxins to food crops?

So help me understand this – the same government agency (EPA) that orders the removal of lead paint from buildings and acid rain-causing sulfur dioxide from plant emissions now says it’s ok for lead and sulfur dioxide to be used in crops as fertilizer???

It seems that to hold the government and its alphabet agencies to higher standards of ethics and common sense and entrust our welfare to their responsible execution of duties and administration of law is no longer a viable expectation for U.S. citizens to hold. We must re-examine the role of government and unify our voices to address and correct its innumerable failures. More important, however, is our need to examine ourselves, our attitudes and behaviors, and the ways in which we encourage the government we elect to callously sacrifice our collective well-being for the advancement of special interests and the profits and power promised to the mighty.

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