The Meeting

…read these words, let your eyes caress them,
photograph their meaning,
drink their truth and believe their lies,
flirt with the pages with delicate fingers
afire with the rushed breath of a lover in wait;
feel the pages dance across your fingertips,
you, the imbiber of these dreams
from another realm (not unlike your own)-
that you love to hear
as though listening to the still waters of earth’s dawn,
that hearer of all secrets
flowing in her currents;
you love to sit face to face with this bearer of light
who shows you a way
away from the show
we call life,
to see into the face of a friend
you’ve never known
whose words you’ve never heard
’til once read,
which is what brought you here
to this familiar home:
imagination –
by the which you meet with
the author of the words you love.

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