“…For in (Creator) we live and move and have our being…” Acts 17:28

“…(Creator) is omnipresent, He dwells within every human being…” Mohandas K. Gandhi

Who is Creator? What is Creator? We are. Everything that is, is. We and all around us, within us, are manifestations of Creator.

Creator is like the beach and each one of us a grain of sand, a grain of beach. The grain is not the beach anymore than the beach is the grain, but the grain has all the essential properties of the beach. They share the very same essence. And when you speak of the beach you speak of the grain of sand so long as that grain remains a part of the beach.

Without the sand there is no beach and if missing a grain of sand the beach still remains. Yet, without the beach the grain remains but not as the beach. And if each and every grain were scattered to its own corner by the winds there would be scattered grains but no beach. United, the beach is born.

Consider a wave in the ocean. There is no observer who can say that the wave is not part of the ocean. The wave is not the ocean yet it is inseparably one with the ocean. The fact of its becoming a wave and for a time having its own identity as a wave in no way separates it from the ocean. And when you speak of the ocean it goes without saying that you are also speaking of the wave.

But in the ocean there is no way to separate the wave from the ocean. They are inseparable. The ocean just is. It cannot be done away with.

Now consider this – it is by the movement, the flow, of the ocean that the wave is created. If the flow ends, the wave ends, yet the ocean remains. If there is no movement then there is no wave….only still waters.

Motion keeps them at one. Stillness merges them into one.

Be in motion. Be still.

Flow, be still, know.

Be water, my friend.

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