I Reflected and Remembered

While walking down the avenues of mind
a street evangelist approached me
and asked if I knew Christ.

In that moment
I reflected and remembered…

I held my lover in silence,
massaging love into her soul…

I whispered a caress,
a wordless moment of being…

I smiled at the stranger
who grinned a toothless smile…

I said ‘good morning’
to the morning…

I heard autumn’s breeze,
and felt the rustling trees…

I sipped hot tea
of mint and chamomile…

I danced with red wine
whose savor, if not name, I remember…

I spent a moment
to reflect on life, and on death…

I dreamed a dream…

…and, having thus remembered,

I turned to the man with satisfaction,
and answered him with only a nod and a smile.

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