Once More Will Come Again One Day

Autumn winds whisper to me….
my mind’s eye wanders through corridors of the past
as I visit each room in search of you….
where have you gone?
I see you then, as you once were….
you never faltered for my eyes held you up,
my heart braced you….
Lead me on now, hand in hand,
my papa, my husband, my friend.
Let us walk once more through the garden of Life;
let us dance, let us sing, let us play again
one more hour, one more day,
let us this once share the silence of one more sunset,
one more chorus of stars,
let me once more say,
I love you.
But if not,
if once more cannot be,
may God carry you away on the whispering winds of Autumn,
away to our garden,
where once more will come again one day.


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