Meditation on the I

I give no person, no country, no ethnicity, no race, no religion, no ideology, no group, nor any institution the right to lay any claim to my identity.

Yet I belong to everyone as a member of the Human Family….and beyond, to the Universal Selfhood.

I am first Divine Spirit, tethered to infinity beyond the expanse of space, time, and matter – at the umbilicus of Eternal Consciousness.

I am Atom in Eve, the pre-dawn of Light, Thought manifest as I AM.

I will it and it is. I think it and I AM. I AM and will be. I AM the Path of Being, the Manifest of the Unmanifest.

I think and speaking comes. I speak and hearing comes. I hear and seeing comes. I see….and the Circle is complete.

That which I strive to be I already AM.

the truth i seek i am

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