Sick Computers and Being Human

Thought for the Day:

And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
~ Mark 3:25 ~

While home one evening I overheard Narayani, who was on the computer, say out loud to herself, ‘Poor computer….it’s not working right….it has conflicting software….’

Hmmm, interesting. When a computer has incompatible software programs loaded into its memory it no longer functions as it does when all of its pieces are in sync.

Just like Humans, I thought.

First, I want to say that I heard Narayani mention at an earlier time, when I pointed out that the computer wasn’t working properly, that it may have software compatibility issues. The connection to Humans was not made in that instance, not until I overheard her speak of it the second time in a maternally consoling voice that the computer was, shall I say, feeling a little sicky-wicky. That uniquely Human tone of compassion, pity, even some resignation, whispered to my mind that there was a lesson here for me.

The lesson is simple in that in order for me to grow, advance, expand, thrive, my internal programs have to be consistent and in harmony. If my Soul houses conflicting programs, or beliefs, it shows up in any number of ways and areas – money, relationships, career, health, etc.

Conflicting beliefs disrupt progress and functioning in numerous ways – the drama of setting goals that never get accomplished; engaging in intimate relationships that repeatedly crash and burn or fade over time; loneliness or feeling isolated by negative emotions; or lack of money, as examples.

Why won’t I sit down to finish that book? In spite of critical praise from others and my own recognition of my talent do I hold on to the belief that I’m not good enough or smart enough? Am I still haunted by the childhood insults of being called ‘stupid’ or ‘idiot’?

I know that my nature, like the Universe, is Abundance but do I feel unworthy of it? unworthy of God’s Love? Do I still retain any residual belief (in any of my bodies) in an angry God? Do I see myself in any way separate from God and the Universe?

I know that I make a great partner/lover but does a fear of vulnerability, of feeling unsafe, hold me back from being fully present with a woman? Can this unsafe feeling that began in childhood come from a belief that the world is scary and dangerous – a belief formulated in the bowels of childhood trauma and Catholic teachings?

Ask yourself the right questions next time you experience a setback in any area of your life. Forget about the answers, they will come. It’s the question you’re after.

What beliefs do I maintain, that I may not even be concious of, that prevent ________________ from happening?

Does this belief serve me in my growth?

Did it ever serve me at any time? If so, when and how?

Am I still that same person today?

If I’m not that same person, then what shift in belief and perspective can I make in order for me to be what I must be to succeed at ____________________?

How do I continue to grow, learn, expand in this area?

To heal, to restore myself to inner harmony, functional balance, and optimum living I must debug my internal operating system (Mind) by making peace with the past (memory), remove all viruses (false beliefs), and download new and better software (Truth) that already is programmed into me (Self).

the truth i seek i am…….

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