Love Is

I recently purchased a 3′ high, Sesse wood statue made in Ghana; it’s title in English is ‘Lovers’ and represents one Love and world unity depicted by two lovers standing intimately face to face while holding up the world, represented by a sphere into which their arms handlessly merge. The piece is graceful and silent, yet expressive of unfathomable depth of meaning. Its emotional texture evolves subtly the more time I spend looking at it while reflecting on its meaning and relevance to my life.

Focusing on the sphere, I saw it as the source from which the two lovers emerge and also the end into which they merge.

And that really is Love, isn’t it? – the continuum threading each and every moment that gives birth to itself. Love is the spontaneous generation of Itself while regenerating into infinitely diverse branches of space, time, consciousness, and expression. The Creative Force of Life stretches Itself forth, seeking new and higher forms of expression.

And in finding expression through infinite channels of consciousness and thought-forms, Creator – in Love, Life, and Truth – gives birth to us and perpetuates Itself in usthrough us and as us, being at once the cause and the effect.

Therefore, Creator, present in All, seeks to be fully expressed, not worshiped.

Love, like Creator, is and becomes in us, through us, as us.

The Truth I Seek I AM…….

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