The Birth and Evolution of Self

Thought for the Day:

The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.
~ Anais Nin ~

Once I set my feet on the Path of Truth I initiate the journey as a Seeker. I then go on a Student, Bearer, Birther, Teacher, and finally a Master of Truth.

It is the Path of the One.

The first thought ever was and is I AM. It is the first moment of Creation, of the Birth of Self and Selfhood (this is only my speculation, of course). It is the moment of Self-definition, Self-determination, the only Absolute. It is the First Consciousness, the Birth of Life, the Birth of Being, the Birth of Evolution, the Big Bang.

It then rebirths Its Self into another realm of Consciousness, the next phase of Evolution, when the One Spirit has learned all It could through an individual unit of Life, a specific point in the Universal Web of Life. Having learned all It could at Its level in Its time the convulsions of a new Conception emerge, vibrating in harmony with Its ‘old’ Self but transcending It in Thought and Life form, whether vertically or horizontally or across dimensions. It takes on a new Life form, birthing Itself into a diverging Branch of Consciousness.

All the while the I AM remains intact because It permeates all forms of Life, Matter, Energy.

The One is expanding, branching, stretching, seeking a wider, more variant range of new experiences and Consciousness. It is dynamic, never static, moving, yet still. It undulates within Laws and cycles of Law, contracting and expanding, Infinite and Immortal but willing to exist, experience, learn, and thus expand within the reduced realm of the finite and mortal.

In reality, though, there is no death but only portals to new Beginnings.

Life is. That is All. It does not end nor begin. It is. I AM.

Like the great Oak that stretches its branches widely toward the heavens in a spherical network of woody nerves and veins, the Life of the Oak coursing through each branch, each member, so does the One divide and multiply into Its many Universal forms and branches, flowing, channeling, experiencing, expressing, growing, loving, seeking, learning, bearing, birthing, teaching, and mastering…

…until the next new Birth, new Beginning, new Path of….

…the Truth I seek I AM.

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