The Way Is Within

The Spirit that breathes in me, through me,
breathes in and through All,
beckons me to give utterance to Its Voice,
to share with the world that we Humans are One –
One Spirit, One Life, One Breath;
that we are One Creation with One Soul,
many parts of One Body.
I listened to the Voice within,
the Blessed, Beloved Voice heard only in sacred silence,
and I asked,

What then of the individual, the one who stands alone?
What about the one who has no home, no country, no tribe,
who claims no race or religion?

The Spirit, in Eternal Wisdom and Love,
speaking more softly than a whispered breath,

Tell my children their home is Spirit,
their country, Love,
their tribe is Freedom,
their race, Human,
and their religion is I AM.
The one who stands alone is never alone,
but an inseparable part of the One Life.
I AM that Life, I AM the Creator and the Creation,

I sat in silence, contemplating the Word spoken,
tears streaming from my eyes
in rivers of deepest Gratitude and humility,
my heart aching for the manifest Oneness of Humanity,
for the fulfillment of the vision of I AM,
for the Day of Healing & Restoration,
and I thought this:

We must first learn to be fully Human
in order to become fully Divine.
We are fully Human and fully Divine,
the Divine our true, eternal Essence;
the Human our temporary Being.
Peace is the Way,
Truth straightens the Way,
Love upholds the Peace,
and Life embodies All.
The Way is Within.

The Truth I Seek I AM.

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