Creator is Us

Thought for the Day:

Creator seeks not to be worshiped, but to be fully expressed.
~ Sariyd ~

The life we seek, the treasures we desire, the heaven we dream of – all of it is found within the Self. Within each one of us lies hidden a Universe of possibilities, fueled by the power of our imagination, our commitment to honor our word, and the choice to act.

It has been said that, ‘With God all things are possible…’, and ‘…in (God) we live and move and have our Being,’.

Creator is not the end, the goal, of our Being. It is the substance of It and of Life. There is no distinction between us and Creator – the Most High is the Most Within. There is no separation between us and Creator – Creator is us, Creator is All.

This is not arrogance nor boasting; it is a call to surrender to the Divine essence within. That which compels us to unite with one another in sincere Love and humility, as children so easily do; to merge harmoniously with the organic whole of Life, is no less than the Divine seeking perfect union with Itself.

the truth i seek i am…….

One response to “Creator is Us

  1. I love how dedicated and disciplined you are to your healing voyage. This remaining open to the divine is what makes you the powerful healer that you are, my love. Your example is an inspiration and a reminder. What a blessing you are to humanity. In gratitude and love, Narayani.


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