The Man I Need To Be

Thought for the Day:

What is lovely never dies,
But passes into other loveliness,
Star-dust, or sea-foam, flower or winged air.
~ Thomas Bailey Aldrich ~

On September 24th of 2006, I left a relationship that I concluded was no longer serving me and my vision for my life. It was difficult and painful but in one moment I became laser-focused on my mission and my relationship with the Universe, Life, and my Self. I would not for a second more compromise my standards and my vision.

The details of the circumstances are not needed here as I am dealing only with ideas and principals. Suffice it to say that the Universe wants more than the best for us, and we must want the same for ourselves which necessitates knowledge and acceptance of Self with Love and Gratitude. Though the ego clamors for supremacy we can placate it as a child or employ it as an ally. It’s not rocket science.

My life pattern in the past has been to wallow in sorrow and pain after a breakup. Not this time, too much vision and mission to do. So I went to work on myself and the growth and healing work that entails.

(Like Joseph Conrad said in Heart of Darkness, “I don’t like work, no man does. But I like what is in the work – the chance to find myself.”).

Arriving home I immediately sat down and went to work, channeling this energy of pain so as to elevate its vibration and transform it to possibilities – wisdom, healing, love.

I wrote, I planned, I imagined, I created.

I came across a handwritten note I made to myself on a piece newspaper I tore off from the ‘funnies’ section (how ironic!) on that day, September 24th.

It reads:

The God that I AM; the Man that I need to be. Sariyd – 9/24/06

How true for all of us…….

Then, the following day I wrote the following words on a 3×5 yellow ‘Sticky Note’:

The point of this life is to take a step in your evolution toward consummate Creator-ship. How best to do that than by transcending your present circumstances in order to expand your vision and the accompanying power to make it come true. – Sariyd 9/25/06

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