Imagine It, and It Is So

Thought for the Day:

To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.
~ Muhammad Ali ~

I was in session with a client and we were talking about the personal work he must do on his own in order to bring about the healing that he seeks. I emphasize to my clients, especially those who have serious issues to resolve or conditions to heal, that they are their own healer; I merely facilitate the process through applied protocols and ritual. As a Vibrational Healer I administer healing energy on a purely energetic level, that is, I go right to the source of the issue since all things begin on the level of energy first before they manifest into the physical body or as life circumstances.

Because the approach is vibrational, thought plays a more central role in the healing regimen as opposed to taking a pill and then waiting for the results. In vibrational medicine the ‘patient’ is the active agent in the healing process and is fully engaged every step of the way, thus empowering him or her as a result.

So I was advising this client to actively imagine himself fully healed, to see himself wholly restored to the level of health he desires. I emphasized that he must not think about what he wants healed, that he need not take inventory of all that ails him, but that he simply ‘pretend’ that he is already healed and express sincere gratitude for the healing.

Being that he is a father I pointed out how children play with their active imaginations (we have so much to learn from the children! They are an honest expression of Creator). I picked up a pen and, like a child would, waved it through the air as if it were a rocket ship, sharing with him that when a child does this the pen is no longer a pen but it really is a rocket ship.

The child imagines it and it is so.

I told him to do this and to persist and believe and know that what he imagines will come into being.

“Even if you don’t see or feel a difference, pretend you do…”, I told him.

He got the point and was very grateful to hear this since he had never been told to do this before by any doctor or ‘alternative’ healing practitioner. No wonder his condition never improved! He felt, he said, more optimistic about his chances now then ever before.

His condition is such that we will undergo an extensive program for the next several months. But I have no doubt that the outcome will exceed whatever shadow of hope he could muster prior to our meeting.

Eternal Blessings.

The Truth I Seek I AM…….

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