This morning I said my morning prayer of gratitude (I need to tap into the energy of gratitude by channeling it through expression). I then drank water.

I was married once and my wife at that time drank a quart of water every day, first thing in the morning. It was a habit she developed out of her unshakable, well-fed health-consciousness and Aries initiative. This she did for the benefit of her body and soul. It worked.

So I drank agua this morning but I did so based on Emoto’s findings on the effect thoughts have on, among other things living and non, water. This is chronicled in his book, The Hidden Messages of Water, which everyone should read.

So I bought 4 new drinking glasses and taped a message on each glass. I then filled the glasses about halfway with purified tap water and let them sit overnight. The idea is that the water will absorb the energy of the thought expressed on the paper. One said ‘Love’, another ‘Forgiveness’, the 3rd was ‘Abundance’, and the 4th ‘Freedom’. I added 2 sentences to each: with ‘Love’ I printed ‘I love myself. I love you.’; with Forgiveness I wrote, ‘I forgive myself. I forgive you.’; to ‘Abundance’ I added, ‘I am the Abundance of God. God is my Abundance.’; and under Freedom, ‘I am Free. I AM.’ I did not place the glasses in direct sunlight but I will next time.

This is experimental, but I do it with the belief that the water did indeed absorb or receive and retain the energetic imprint of the idea expressed on paper. I believe information is conveyed via vibration with the potential to produce what the intent declares. We do it all the time, conscious or not.


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